Xion For The Win

Xion For The Win


Hello reader, my name is Kiiran, and I am the current leader of a fairly new Union called Xion. Do you like adventure? Are you looking to become stronger? Perhaps you are interested in simply meeting new people? If you answered yes to any of these then this is the right Union for you!

Player Entry LevelEdit

Players of all levels are encouraged to join. Beginners: If you are struggling on a dungeon/boss that I have access to, I will personally do my best in assisting you. Also, even if I can't help, another member may be willing to do so. Advanced Players: Again, I'll help out if I can; however, odds are many of you won't need it. Note: if someone does ask you for help I'd suggest doing so, but you are by no means required to. Whatever your level, Xion (and I) would be ecstatic to have you.

Union GoalsEdit

Xion's primary focus as of now is completing the main quests and clearing dungeons; although, as we get more members, bounty hunting and side quest missions may become part of that as well. I'm open to any suggestions if anyone has an idea they wish to share.

Contact informationEdit

If I'm not online and you have a request, comment, idea, etc. feel free to email me at

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