i make this guide to help tose players  who make characters  on chaotic or neutral alignment but want change to lawfull  passing the game all this its they need to make that

if you start on chaotic or neutral the game give 100 points on any you  choice but you can get points 

well  the quest you need  its here just lintk to the quest  and make like say to get more lawful points

on town

Misterius water  +20 at end and +10 on any align   based on aswer)

the cost of knoweld  (lawfull +10 on donation  and +20 on any alignmnet on answer )

Broach of Purity  (give  chaotic+20  points and +10 from other alignment on answer  but you need make this to  open  the next quest to get  lawfull +20 from quest and +30 from answer  that means you can get lawfull +50) Where's_The_Wonder_Drug

on any case  if you already get the points needed from the other quests  dont need make this  but if you already done the broach  need do the second to get more lawfull than chaotic

after do that 2 quest you get  third quest from same npc

The_Illusive_Coin   (neutral +20   on answer +10 any alignment  and other  question to get  +30 on any alignmnet)

to get all quest you need already passed  to F13 to get all items needed

 Caligrase Sewers

the doll of my life   (+10 on any  alignment  on answer)

2 Dark pedant           (+10 on any  alignment  on answer)

i not recomend do this quests  that give more chaotic than other align points


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