In true RPG NPC spirit, I have begun giving quests to random passers by in the hope that they'll get on the wiki and edit some stuff.  So far, the quests seem to be attracting some attention and maybe we'll get some new participants soon (and even better, more wiki contributors).

Historical Quest List

Quest Name Objective Reward Completed by Date completed Notes
Fetch me that data! Find Leather Bandana

10 wiki xp

10 Imaginary Cookies

Elesner 10/9/13 Object found to be imaginary
Photographer Take a photo of Mercenary 2 Imaginary Cookies Elesner 15/9/13

Top Cookie Collectors

Ranking Name Total Cookies
1 Elesner 12

Most experienced data collectors

Ranking Name Total Wiki XP
1 Elesner 10

Special Achievements

Given to those who have managed to impress with data collection

Title Awarded for Awarded to Date awarded
Reporting for Duty! Expressing an interest in the first ever Quest Elesner, Hazel123 10/9/13
Quest Clear! For completing the first ever Quest Elesner 10/9/13
Wild Goose Chaser For trying to find things that didn't exist (Sorry) Elesner 10/9/13
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