Im going to list here my current builds using

Mostly planned for SR16, one for SR18.

Melee/Trap thief - allrounder build (SR16 but high level build)

Those that don't feel safe enough with desperado could switch to Attack Aura 5 for less PAtk but no PDef penalty

Tank Fighter (SR18 lv31 build)

following Level-Ups would be:

32: Sentinal Guard 7

33: Over Use 2

34: safe

35: PAtk Passive + Max HP

36+37: safe

38: Insight Lv4+5, Pdef Passive

Full Support Priest (SR16 lv33+ build)

5 spare points (need to safe one for sacred barrier)

options to choose from:

  • (middle) heal circle
  • cover damage
  • PDef passive

Tank Lord (SR18 Lv31 build)

5 spare points to:

  • either get the overuse-like MDef buff
  • or get the repair shield skill followed by decreased GP damage taken in addition to Sentinal Guard

DPS Fighter going to melee/trap Thief later, high level builds and purely theoretical atm

not quite sure about everything there.. if I will ever do it is another question. Would be esp self buffed an insane damage boost. Currently with my +7 dagger (141 PAtk) I'm at 232 (272 with AA7, 284 with Holy Breath) Patk. With this re-build it would be 317 self buffed (329 with holy breath).

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