Of course, it costed us several days to run the slots 100g per medal

the result is shown as following

it is significant that we're not so lucky to obtain any master gears...

Name SR Rarity amount
wind protection earring 2  good 17
Silver ring of salvation 2  good 17
Silver Charm 0  normal 35
Red hot earring 7  good 5
Squall earring 7  good 12
Fertility earring 7  good 6
Rainbow necklace 3  good 1
Welling earring 7  good 7

In general,

(1) junks under SR 6 come in rate of about 70%

(2) SR 7 good earrings come in rate of about 30% 

(3) Master gears didn't come within these 100 boxes


Jiminy is friendly only on his skin, just like his boss Carley :3

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