If you are new to the game and need some pointers, you've come to the right place.

I play on the EU server (Bareaux Bareaux) so feel free to pm/mail me if you ever need help and advice. If you want to know how to do that, I have that covered below too.

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Character Creation Tips

Your Soul Name is the surname for all your characters

Don't waste time rolling a high number on character creation.

Later in the game you will be able to re roll(for free) as much as you want so spending hours before you have started is a waste of time.

If you want a good number then anything between 7 to 12 is fine, but don't spend any longer than 5-10 minutes on rolling.

Bonus stats will have a minor effect on your game. Equipment will be the most important factor as well as your skill as a player

The bonus stat rolls you get can be invested into any stat and are sometimes needed to make a class available on creation (class requirements are not high, usually you'll need to spend like 1 point in a relevant low stat to unlock it if you need to).

Which Class and Race is for me?

Each race and gender feature different weapon attack speeds and weapon animations.

Each Race also has different stats at character creation. However, feel free to play as any race, the difference will not make or break the game for you.


There are 3 alignments

  • Lawful (Mage, Priest, Fighter)
  • Neutral (Thief, Mage, Fighter)
  • Chaos (Thief, Mage, Priest, Fighter)

As you may have noticed above, not every class is shown for each alignment. These are the starting requirements for each class. For example, a Thief can not be picked if you want to be Lawful.

Each alignment also provides a bonus effect for a few skills. These effects may range from increased damage to lower cooldowns to additional functionality.

Once you have created your character you can change your alignment to anything without it removing your class. However, this is not advisable for new players as it has more disadvantages than benefits.

My recommendation is Chaos Alignment since it allows you to choose any of the 4 classes. This also leaves options available later on when you start to consider class changing to make your own unique class ( since this is an advanced gameplay feature, I will not be covering it in this guide).

Your Alignment can change based on the dialogue answers you choose for side quests, which award specific alignment points

Whichever alignment has the most points associated to it becomes the current alignment for your character

Thief Class

Starting Difficulty: Extremely Easy
Recommended Stat focus: Dexterity (DEX)

Thieves are the easiest class to begin with. They can:

  • Turn Invisible (Stealth)
  • Place traps on the floor
  • High damage melee skills
  • Place a decoy
  • Create Thief potions for free (Best potion in game)

They are a stamina based class and do not use MP, making their skills spam-able.

They have medium defense but their high damage potential and escape tactics make up for it.

Do you like playing as a trickster? Thief is for you!

Refer to Class starter guides for what skills to pick when leveling up, for the smoothest start to the game.

Fighter Class

Starting Difficulty: Easy
Recommended Stat focus: Strength (STR)

High defense and attack. A good all rounder class that makes for an easy start to the game.

Fighters are capable of chaining their skills together with 0 delay and a high damage potential.

They can switch between a defensive and offensive stance when required and get a self heal skill early. Similar to thieves, they are a stamina based class but their heal requires MP.

They are extremely dependent on their equipment.

Do you like playing as a Warrior? Fighter is for you!

Refer to Class starter guides for what skills to pick when leveling up, for the smoothest start to the game.

Priest Class

Starting Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Recommended Stat focus: Piety (PIE)

A wide variety of heals give Priest high sustainability during the start of the game.

They can remove status effects that you may catch when triggering an environmental trap.

They can also disable enemies via skills like Stun Smash and use buffs to increase defense and offensive capabilities.

As you may have guessed, difficulty comes in the form of MP being a vital element.

'Camps are your best friend when it comes to MP recovery. There are no MP potions available normally in game. '(You can get camps from Item Shop NPCs in town).

Whilst Priests are able to solo like Thieves and Fighters for the early dungeons, they will quickly become party dependent.

Do you like playing as a healer/support? Priest is for you!

Refer to Class starter guides for what skills to pick when leveling up, for the smoothest start to the game.


Starting Difficulty: Hard (Medium if you follow the Class Starter section)
Recommended Stat focus: Intelligence (INT)

Mages are not recommended for Beginners as they have the hardest start to the game

Mages have a difficult start to the game:

  • Heavily MP reliant
  • Low HP
  • Low physical defense
  • Magic takes time to cast
  • Magic requires you to stand still
  • No heal skill at start

However, they are the only ranged class available and apart from a difficult start, they become truly devastating late game. Be sure to check the Mage Class section near the end of this Guide to make the start easy.

'Camps are your best friend when it comes to MP recovery. There are no MP potions available normally in game. '(You can get camps from Item Shop NPCs in town).

Mages require time to develop as they become one of the strongest classes at late game, capable of killing players with a single spell. Most players level up their Soul before picking a mage class.

Do you like playing with Magic? Mage is for you!. However, I would advise against it if you think you will struggle to grasp the mechanics of this game.

Refer to Class starter guides for what skills to pick when leveling up, for the smoothest start to the game.

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Tutorial Stage

I strongly recommend paying attention to the tutorial. Whilst it explains basic concepts of the game, it will teach you about unique concepts that you may not be familiar with like the "Death System".

Also pressing the H key opens the help menu. A great source of information on the basics of the game.

During this phase of the game will you see (?) icons appear above your skill hot bar. Click them to open a tutorial message related to what you are doing. Too many times, I see YouTuber's play the game completely ignoring these question mark icons. Once clicked they disappear and are added to Help menu(H Key)

Town Introduction

After creating your character, the game begins. Biggest advice:

Pay attention to what the game teaches you at the beginning. Too many players skim through it and rage quit due to not knowing the basics

After a few cut-scenes (which you can skip by hitting the ESC key) you will land in Illfalo Port.

Before continuing, press the M key to open the map. Familiarize yourself with it as it will show you all points of interest as well as Quest locations.

Please note that whilst in dungeons, you will not be shown breadcrumbs or markers for quest objectives. The game does not hold you hand in this aspect

So for the tutorial stage, refer to the (?) icons shown on the map in order to progress.

The tutorial of the town will teach you the following:

  • Inns - Heals mp, hp, condition and Levels you up when your exp bar is full.
  • Blacksmith - Repairs your broken equipment and restores durability
  • Item Shop - Standard buy/sell shop. Any loot you find in dungeons will need to be identified here. Camps are also available from here.
  • Cloakroom - Bank that is shared with all characters on your soul.
  • Royal Shop - Use Station Cash to purchase royal items such as cosmetic items. Some consumable items are also sold for gold too so its worth taking a look.

Talking to the Guild staff will eventually take you to the tutorial dungeon.

Dungeon Intro

This dungeon teaches you about:

  • Environmental Traps
  • Death system (and how to revive)
  • Combat
  • Looting dead enemies for loot
  • Treasure Chests : Disarming a trap and the dangers involved
  • Introduction to Dungeon puzzles

The first cut-scene inside the dungeon will kill you in order to teach you about death. Do not skip the cut-scenes here to avoid confusion

Refer to the Death section further below for everything you need to know about dieing and how to avoid permadeath.

Once you have completed the dungeon you will be congratulated and awarded access to the main part of Illfalo town: Town Square. This serves as the game's Hub and all dungeons are accessed here.

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Basics in Depth

So you've completed the tutorial (or perhaps partway through it) but want to know the basics you need to know as a beginner? This section is for you.

HP, MP and Condition Stats

Status HUD

Learn what the Status HUD shows you

HP, MP and condition does not Regen over time!

HP : Your health/hit points. If this reaches 0, your character dies and becomes a ghost.

Healing HP in town: Resting at an Inn or using healing skills or potions
Healing HP in dungeons: Using Camps, potions, healing skills or Healing fountains

MP : Your mana points. Required to cast certain skills like magic. Once depleted, you cannot cast them until you have recovered the required amount of MP.

Healing MP in town: Resting at an Inn
Healing MP in dungeons: Using Camps or Healing fountains
(You can get camps from Item Shop NPCs in town)

Condition(Con) : Con is displayed as a vertical gauge in the top left corner near your hp and mp bars. Your condition falls each time you trigger environmental/ chest traps, dieing, taking damage.

The colour changes based on the state of your Con:

  • Bright Yellow (180+) - Excellent
  • Yellow (140+) - Good
  • Red(below 140) - Normal & bad (when it drops to 0)

Having 'Good' Con improves:

  • Stamina recovery speed
  • Max Weight limit increases
  • All stats, making your skills slightly stronger

Having 'Bad' Con causes:

  • Slow stamina recovery
  • Max weight limit decreases
  • Lose dodge ability during combat

'Excellent' Con is a better version of 'Good' Con but is rare to achieve without using the Royal Shop.

Healing Con in town  : Resting at an Inn. (The amount of Con you recover depends on the price of the bed. Royal Bed heals the most, restoring your Con to 160)
Healing Con in dungeons : Not possible without Royal Shop items.

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Your Soul & Soul Rank

In a game where your characters can die permanently, your soul remains permanent. At the beginning you assigned a soul name which acts as the surname for all your characters.

Your soul is the most important stat/ progression gauge that you have. Your soul has its own special Experience bar and level system, known as Soul Ranks.

When you Soul increases in rank you unlock special blessings. The following is a quick tease of what to expect when increasing Soul rank:

  • Unlocks better equipment for you to wear
  • Player vs Player enabled everywhere (sr2)
  • Unlock Shout chat command (sr2)
  • Unlock Forging to upgrade equipment(sr3)
  • Unlock Gem creation to enhance equipment
  • Increase level cap for your characters
  • Unlock additional Cloak Room slots
  • Access to higher level dungeons and story quests
  • Improved Revival success rate
  • EXP bonus for specific character levels

At the beginning, soul rank increases at a slow rate. This is due to the simple rule:

  • 100 exp = 1 Soul exp

100 exp must be received in one go, in order to receive 1 soul exp (For example, getting 50 exp two times will not give you soul exp). This means that your only method at the start to get soul exp is via Missions that reward more than 100 exp.

This is only an issue at the start of the game, as you progress you will earn soul exp per enemy.

For example, an enemy that gives you 10,000 exp = 100 Soul exp

If you want to check soul blessings:

  • Press B Key
  • Click the Soul tab
  • Click "Show blessings"
  • Bonuses are shown here for every Soul Rank

Soul Material is not related to Soul Rank and only starts to accumulate once you reach Soul Rank 3. This material is used to purchase items from the Maiden at the Temple

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Character Level & Leveling up

Your Character level is not permanent. It is lost if your character dies permanently.

Your exp bar is located below your skill hot bar at the bottom of the screen.

Unlike most games you will not level up automatically.

  • To level up in town: Rest at Inns
  • To level up in a dungeon: Drink from a healing fountain

It is possible to stack levels! This is shown visually on your exp bar where a new bar overlaps the previous one with a darker colour. There is no limit to how many levels you can stack except for the max level limit.

Your max level limit is determined by your soul rank. As your soul rank increases, the level cap applied to your characters will also increase.

Example: Level cap at Soul Rank 1 (sr1) is Level 7. This level cap is increased further when you reach Soul Rank 2 (sr2).

Currently the highest cap is:

  • Level 50
  • Soul Rank 20

(Half a year since the games launch and no one has reached the caps yet).

FYI: As your character level increases, your revival rate drops (Opposite effect to Soul Rank increasing)

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Stats and Attributes

Strength(STR): Affects Physical Attack Strength such as normal attack damage and Strength based skills.

A must for Fighters wanting to boost damage.

Vitality(VIT): Increases physical Defense and unarmed movement speed. It also affects the Max Weight Limit for your characters equipment (Effect amount varies per class).

This is essentially a Def stat making it useful for Fighters looking to play as tanks.

Dexterity(DEX): Increases chances of Hard Hits and increases the lowest range for damage dealt (closer to max damage).

Also affects a variety of Thief skills making this a no-brainer for Thieves.

Agility(AGI): The Defensive version of DEX. Reduces the amount of Hard Hits you receive as well as decreasing the Highest Range for damage received.(Closer to min damage received).

Intelligence(INT): Affects Power/Strength of all offensive magic (Including Holy Light) as well as reducing Magic damage you receive. Perfect for Mages.

Piety(PIE): Affects Recovery and defensive spells. Great for Priests.

Luck(LUK): Affects a variety of random rolls used by the game. This can range from revival chances to chest disarming to Enemy loot/drop rate.

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Inventory and getting bigger bags

Introduction and how to get more bags

You start the game with 1 bag to store your items. Pressing the i key opens the inventory screen.

The default bag for each character is called Adventurers Bag which has 24 item slots (By Facility 13 you will have gained 70 item slots through story progression)

Along the top of the inventory window, you'll notice 4 empty bag slots and a 5th slot reserved for Royal Members.

As you progress with the game you'll get small bags that you can add to these slots to increase your inventory space.

The bags you get as rewards will increase in size the further you progress. Starting out from pouches (with 4 item slots) to Guardian Bags (with 14 item slots) as of writing this guide. Future dungeons will potentially reward players with even larger, extra bags.

Equipping/removing new bags

To equip a new bag:

  • Drag the bag/pouch icon to an empty bag slot

Once equipped you can click the bag to view its contents. Each type of bag will offer different amounts of item slots.

As you progress with the storyline, bigger bags and pouches will be rewarded to you that will make your previous ones obsolete. To replace a bag that has been equipped:

  • Make sure the bag you want to remove is empty
  • Drag it from the equipped slot into an empty item slot
  • Now you can equip another bag in its place

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Avatar Bag

All characters also get an avatar Bag which can be accessed from the equipment screen:

  • Press B key
  • In the equipment screen click Change Display
  • Click the bag icon to open the Avatar Bag

The Avatar bag allows you to store cosmetic only costumes (Avatars) inside, without them wasting precious inventory space.

Avatars can be purchased from the Royal Shop using Station Cash. Avatars are skins/fashion items that do not effect your stats or give any bonuses besides making you look unique.

Holiday Events often reward special Avatar items only obtainable during the Holiday Event. These holiday avatars are free

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This is your bank which is shared across all characters on your Soul. Here you can store items and gold to prevent losing them if you permadie or get looted by other players.

The cloakroom grows in size as your Soul Rank increases. Reaching certain Soul Rank milestones will add 5 new cloakroom item slots each time.

Additional pages can be purchased using station cash.

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Law, crime & Becoming a Criminal

Introduction to the Law system

Open PVP is enabled once you hit Soul Rank 2. This means you can be attacked by others in dungeons/town and vice versa.

As a result there are 4 states that a player can be:

  • Normal Player (White)
  • Almost Criminal (Yellow)
  • Criminal (Red)
  • Wanted Criminal (Purple)

All players start out in a normal state.

Yellow State

This is a temporary state where players will flash yellow for the duration. This is the game's way of warning you that you have committed a minor crime.

Committing the following crimes will activate a yellow state:

  • Healing a Criminal once
  • Allowing a Criminal to share your camp to recover some HP
  • Collecting the body of a Criminal
  • Looting a Criminal
  • Attacking an NPC

The Yellow state acts as a warning to notify players that repeating the offense will result with Criminal status. As a result, this is only a short term, temporary state lasting from a few seconds to 15 minutes.

Attacking an NPC is the only exception here as it will never change you to a Red Criminal feel free to beat NPCs up

Red State

Criminals are players who have broken the law and are branded as an outlaw with an icon as well as being cloaked in a red aura(Complete with glowing red eyes). They are usually referred to as Reds.

Criminals are treated as enemies by Town Guard NPCs, who will kill any Red players in their line of sight in a single attack. This results in the Red player being sent to Jail upon death.

Die to this, Criminals have their own town district know as Twilight Alley. Most of the important Npcs can be found here too without the presence of any Town Guards.

Committing the following crimes will inflict the Red state on to players instantly:

  • Attacking a Non Criminal Player(White)
  • Killing a Non Criminal Player(White)
  • Looting a Non Criminal Player(White)

The following will inflict Red state if repeated whilst in Yellow state:

  • Healing a Criminal
  • Sharing your camp with a criminal, allowing them to recover a large amount of HP
  • Collecting a dead criminal body again
  • Looting a dead criminal more than once

Committing crimes as a Red Player will add to the time left to return to normal often ranging from 30 mins to 72+ hours.

Criminal time is based on real time but you must be logged in for the time to count

Being a Criminal also takes away the option to recover up to 160 Condition at the inn (highest Condition available with gold is 120 for Red Players).

Wanted Criminal

A wanted Criminal is bathed in an evil purple aura after receiving 5 active bounties from players.

They are the same as Red Players, however once they are killed in dungeons they are automatically sent to prison (where they must pay double the bounty to leave).

If you encounter a Purple Aura Player, it is recommended to run away. Or, if you are a bounty hunter, these will get you the most bounty hunter points.

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When a player dies and turns to a ghost, their corpse is left at their location of death until the player has revived.

During this time, other players may examine your inventory/bags and loot items they like. However, the items will be unidentified so players will not know the exact item they are stealing. Only the category of the item is hinted at.

Looting takes time! The better the item the longer it will take to steal. Low level items can usually be stolen in 10-30 seconds, whilst medium to high level items can take between 45-60+ seconds to steal. If a player revives, the loot timer is cancelled and the item is not stolen.

Players that disconnect when dead, will remain as a corpse even when offline for a large amount of time


Whilst it is considered a crime to attack normal players, it is not a crime to attack Red players.

Players can attack Red state players with zero consequence

To be a Player Killer, a player must turn off "Criminal Only Damage" from the options menu (Shortcut is O key). This allows your attacks to hurt all players and is treated as major crime, turning you to Criminal Status immediately.

Party Members cannot not kill each other. Criminals seeking to avoid hurting each other are recommended to form a party

Player Killers are added to the victim's "Black List" that displays the current area that the killer is in. Players on a blacklist will always be shown as Online even if their status is set to Offline.

Killing a Criminal who has a bounty, rewards the player with Bounty Hunter Points, if they achieved the kill in a dungeon.

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Death and how to avoid Permadeath

What is Permadeath?

Skip to the "Avoiding permadeath" section if you just want to know how to prevent permadeath

Yes, permadeath(Permanent Death) is possible but its only an issue for new players as its simple to avoid it. This section will go over the death system and everything you need to know as a beginner, however you can also read Wiki's Dedicated page on Death for even more info.

When your character dies, you turn into a ghost above your corpse. A timer of 11 hours will begin to tick in the top left corner with blue flame icons near it. What does this all mean?

Soul/ Ghost form

As a ghost you must return to a previously activated Revival Shrine. In this form you will not be visible to living players and vice versa. Likewise, the normal enemies will not be present in the soul world.

However, you will come across Walkers, that are invincible creatures!! They are special Reapers that remove 10% from your revival success chance. So avoid Walkers at all costs.

Since in ghost form you cannot fight, your only defense is the unlimited stamina that you are granted as a ghost. Use this to sprint and dash jump permanently as a ghost since you can outrun a Walker with ease.

Ghost Timer and flame icons

The timer ticking in the top left corner is a countdown until your body is turned to ash or lost forever.

The flame icons represent 10% of your revival success rate. Being touched by a Walker will remove 1 flame, giving you a total of 10 hits that you can take before turning to ash or permadeath.

What's Ash form?

There are 2 stages to the death system:

  • Ghost Form
  • Ash form (In summary: your second and last chance to revive)

When you die, you enter the first state of death. In this form you can attempt to revive with failure resulting in you turning to ash.

Ash form is similar to the first stage, however failing to revive from Ash state will result in permadeath.

You can reach Ash State by the following:

  • Revive attempt fails at Revival Shrine
  • You are caught by a Walker 10 times
  • The 11 hour countdown expires whilst in ghost form

Having the above happen to you whilst in Ash state, will result in Permadeath.

(In higher level dungeons, certain traps will cause Ash State instantly.)

The game will warn you if you attempt to revive from ash with less than 100% revival chance, allowing you to reconsider.

How to Revive in dungeons

If you are killed in a dungeon, you must examine any revival shrine that you have activated in your current session. If you haven't activated any shrine manually, the first revival shrine at the entrance to the dungeon/floor will be active by default.

To get to a shrine you have 2 methods:

  • walking back in ghost form and avoiding Walkers
  • clicking on your corpse to teleport to the last revival shrine you activated. This costs 10% of your equipment durability (which can be restored at a blacksmith)

Teleporting back to a shrine holds the least amount of risk. You will skip all Walkers at the cost of some equipment durability. The equipment can be repaired for a small price at the blacksmith. Using this method applies a 30 second wait time before you can use the shrine.

How to Revive in Town

Due to open PVP, you can be killed in town by other players (when you upgrade soul rank to SR2).

However, dieing in town carries less risk due to the absence of Walkers . With no revival shrines in town, Ghost players can revive by talking to the numerous priest NPC's located around the town.

Often times, priests are the only living characters you can see as a ghost, which is good sign that they will be able to revive you.

They will also give you the option to pay a small gold fee to revive with 100% revival chance, otherwise you can revive with your default revival chance.

Body Collection

Body Collection is a revival assist feature that allows a player to carry a corpse to a Revival Shrine.

This can be helpful when a player cannot find the way back to a shrine and does not want to teleport back. This also removes their corpse from the dungeon preventing criminals ftom looting them.

To carry a dead player:

  • Examine the corpse
  • In their inventory screen, click Collect Body
  • If they accept your invitation, you will now be carrying their body.
  • Now you can walk back to a Revival Shrine or travel back to Town where they can safely revive.
  • Once at a revival shrine, you may drop the corpse or let the dead player drop on their own to revive as normal.
    • To drop a corpse, go to the menu and access the body collection window. Right clicking the dead player will allow you to drop them at your current spot.
Body Collection PT1

Body Collection Window

If you are dead and want a player to carry you back:

  • Accept the Body Collection invite
  • You will now be watching from your carriers perspective as they walk back to a shrine
  • Use this time to examine your surroundings for Walkers who cannot detect or attack you when you are carried
  • When you are satisfied with your location select "Cancel Body Collection" to drop your corpse at your current location (or wait for the carrier to drop you).

Avoiding Permadeath!!!

Follow this golden rule to avoid permadeath:

  • Keep Camps or revival medals in your inventory at all times
  • Revive with your default revival chance on your first attempt (If you fail, you will turn to ash only and if you succeed you save your revival items)
  • If you turn to ash, only revive with a 100% success chance. You are not safe with 99%, so offer camps and revival medals to boost it to 100%

Follow those 3 steps and you will never encounter permadeath. This is the main reason why people mock the permadeath feature since its so easy to avoid it.

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Communication: How to talk

Know your Chat Channels

This game focuses heavily on teaming up with other players. Whilst you can solo the first few dungeons fine, you will not get far relying on yourself. For this reason communication is key! Learn to use chat if you wish to proceed further.

  • To chat: Press Enter Key to type

By default you will talk in 'Area' chat. This has a small range, limited to a room size.

By clicking on the (Area) label/button , a drop down menu appears with different chat options:

  • Area: Standard local area chat. Has limited range, which is normally the size of a large room.
  • Whisper: Speak with a player in private from any location and channel. Only the targeted player can see this. If they are offline, the message will not be sent.
    • To whisper, enter their soul name is the Whisper chat channel and then type your message. You can also right click the player or their name and select Send Whisper
    • If the target player is currently offline when you try to whisper, the game will tell you that the soul could not be found or does not exist.
  • Shout: Speak with players in your current dungeon or town area. Limited to the channel you are in and has a cooldown before you can shout again.
  • Party: Speak with your party members from any location or channel.
  • Union: Speak with your union(aka Guild) members from any location and channel.
  • Member : Speak from any location or channel with all players who have your talk ring equipped.
  • All : Speak to everyone in game from any location and channel. This costs real money to use per message.
Chat Options

Chat Option drop down menu

Other ways to change chat channel:

  • Press TAB key when typing to cycle through each chat channel
  • Typing the following text commands before your message:
    • /a = Area Chat
    • /w = Whisper (Must add Soul name after command and then type your message)
    • /s = Shout Chat
    • /p = Party Chat
    • /u = Union Chat
    • /m = Member Chat
Whisper Chat

To whisper, The soul name should be added to the message first with a space after it

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In addition to the chat channels, you can also communicate using Mail. To do this:

  • Right Click a player or their name and select "Send Mail"


  • Open main menu and select "Mail"

Mail can only be sent or received in Town, but you can still read them inside a dungeon.

Mailing also allows you to send an item and/or gold. Simply drag an item to the empty slot or click on the coin icon to add gold.

Items that cannot be traded are also blocked from mails too

To take gifts from mail sent to you, click receive. This can only be done in Town.

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Global Chat Ring

The member chat channel is only unlocked when you have a talk ring equipped. The amount of members that can be on a talk ring is unlimited since the talk ring owner can create an infinite amount of member rings.

With this concept in mind, EU server has its own server-wide-member chat called Global Chat Ring. Players have been joining this talk ring daily since February 2013.

The ring is free and not sold for profit. The purpose of this ring is to provide a free server chat for the community.

A union can consist of 50 members (70 at higher levels). In comparison, a member chat can consist of the entire server in theory.

If you play on the EU server, contact "Lakuza" via Whisper or Mail to receive a free Global Chat Ring. This ring can be the greatest help you can get since active players will answer your questions and offer help to each other.

If you are playing on the US server, there are a few talk rings competing for a server wide chat channel and each one costs gold. If you cannot afford it, don't hesitate to ask a player to help you get one as the price of the US server rings can be very intimidating to new players.

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Creating Parties

So lets get this clear, Wizardry Online was not designed to be a solo adventure (even if a select few claim to reach a certain point, it was designed to be cleared as a party).

A party is a team of up to 4 players. A party allows you to:

  • Enter the same instanced boss battle (Dark Angel: Final Battles)
  • Talk using private party chat (green text)
  • View level, hp, mp and location of party member
  • Share camps together
  • Allows support skills to be applied to party members
  • Share treasure chests and loot
  • Kill enemies faster of course!
  • Prevents party members from damaging each other (Important for Reds)

To create a party:

  • Press the "," Key (Comma key) to open the main menu or click the menu button on the hot bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • Select Create Party

To invite players to your party:

  • Right click a player and select Create/invite to party
  • Right click the players name in the chat window and select Create/invite to party

Inviting a player to join your party before making one is fine. The game will automatically create the party with you as leader

Leaving it open allows players to join your party via request party. To do this:

  • Right Click player and select Join Party

Party Search/ recruitment

The game features a "looking for party" system. There are 2 ways to use this feature:

  • Create a party and then look for members
  • Or make yourself available for others to invite you

Finding players for your party

  • First Create a party via the main menu (comma key)
  • Then select Recruit Member from the main menu
  • In the new window I recommend leaving it all Unstated and typing the purpose of your party in the comment box

You will now have a small flag icon above your head to display that you are looking for players. Your party will also be available on party search, where players can request to join your party from the search menu.

Alternatively you can do the same and look for available parties:

  • Open the main menu and select Search Party if you are not in one already
  • In the search window, I recommend leaving it unstated as it will display all available parties
  • Read the comment for the party. If it suits you, right click one of the listed players and request to join.
Party Request pt2

Making yourself visible on recruitment list

You may also whisper to the party leader or member by selecting Send Whisper instead, if you wish to contact them first.

Leaving a party

To leave the party, open the main menu and select Leave Party or Dismiss (to close the party entirely).

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Combat and Movement

Being in direct control of all actions

Unlike many mmo's out there, you are in complete control of your character in combat and the damage you take. There are no dice rolls to determine if you miss/dodge incoming damage. It relies completely on your skill as a gamer to avoid those attacks.

As a result it plays closer to single player games focusing on guarding/blocking, dodging etc

Knowing your Equipment

When starting out, you will be wielding a shield with a one-handed weapon alongside basic armour. It is highly recommended to visit Bustling Market to upgrade your equipment before entering Caligrase Sewers.

Each piece of equipment also comes with a weight stat. This indicates how heavy the item is if you equip it to your character.

Every character will have a Max Weight Limit (Visible in equipment screen which can be opened with B key). If your equipment pushes your weight over the limit you will move slower and will lose your ability to dodge or jump dash.

Weapon Types

Each class can equip a One-Handed Weapon and a Two-Handed Weapon (Some classes can choose from more than 1 type from each).

One-Handed Weapons cannot be dual wielded but they allow players to equip a shield on the second hand. This means that you can only block when using One-Handed Weapons(as long as a shield is equipped).

Two-Handed Weapons take up both slots and are generally stronger than one-handed weapons. However they disable your ability to block, making Dodge your only way to avoid attacks.

When starting out it is recommended to stick to using a one-handed weapon with a shield in order to get used to the battle system safely.

Shields and Blocking

With a shield equipped you can block using the SHIFT key. You can block for an infinite amount of time as long as you have Guard Points (GP).

Guard Points (GP) can be understood as the HP of your shield. The damage you block is transferred to the shield's GP. A yellow bar will appear over your character to indicate the GP that you currently have.

If the bar depletes to 0 whilst blocking an enemy attack, you will stagger backwards and will be unable to block until the GP gauge has regenerated. Any remaining damage that the shield could not block will be inflicted on the player.

GP only decreases when you block an attack

GP will recover when you are not taking damage. If GP is recovering from a depleted state, it will take longer for the GP Regen to begin.

It is best to dodge when your GP is close to depleting so that it can heal faster.

Keel the GP in mind when looking at shields. The higher the GP = the more damage you can block.

If you have no shield equipped you cannot block

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Battle System

In order to fight, players must enter a battle stance by taking their weapon out. To do this:

  • Click the mouse wheel to sheath or unsheathe your weapon
  • Alternatively you can Press the / Key

In order to enter this mode, the character will stand still. Take this into account when you want to change modes whilst running from enemies, as that pause can leave you open for attacks.

Pro tip: You can skip the pause when changing mode by un-equipping your weapon before changing. Since you have no weapon, your character will just make fists in a split second. Now you can re-equip your weapon. You can drag your weapon to the skill bar to make this process faster.

In battle mode/stance you can attack and perform skills. Your Jump ability changes to Dodge. When pressing the jump button, your character will side step or back step depending on the direction you press.

During battle, you can move freely and attack any enemy or you can lock on to one enemy to enter a strafing mode. Whilst locked on, your character will always face and attack in the direction of the target.

To target an enemy:

  • Right Click enemy
  • or Press Tab key to target closest enemy.
    • Pressing the Tab key also cycles through available targets.

To remove lock on simply right click an empty space on your screen or press the ESC key.

In addition to this, you can also sub target players to use support skills on. To do this you can right click the player or click their Status in the party window. To remove them from sub target, CTRL+right click an empty space on screen.

Extra Combat Tips

  • You can hold shift + attack together to attack from a block stance. This is useful since the animation time is reduced when returning to guarding after you have performed an attack. However, you will not be able to move when using this method without letting go of Block (Shift key).
  • Attacking the back deals greater damage than attacking the front
  • Keep an eye on enemy attack patterns for any pauses they make. This is your time to attack.
  • Use camps to heal hp and mp outside of combat (since you cannot attack when standing inside your camp). You can get camps from Item Shop NPCs in town

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Movement tips

Here are a few movement techniques you can perform besides the basic jump and sprint.

  • Jump Dash(Sprint+Jump): Costs 20 OD ** Can only be performed when weapon is not active and you are not locked on to anything.
    • Jump Dash will be required in later dungeons to cross pits and large gaps.
  • Crouch(X Key): Can only be performed when weapon is not active.
    • Players can safely crouch underneath Fire breathing poles or to pass through a small opening.
  • Dodge: Replaces the jump button when in combat mode. You can changed the direction of the dodge based on the direction you press. Consumes a little OD when used.
  • Return to Town Teleport: Can only be used once every 12 hours per character. Type /Return in chat box to use this command.
    • Alternatively you can also press N key and drag the Teleport Macro to your shortcut bar.
    • This can also be used in Ghost form.

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Treasure Chests

Finding Treasure Chests

Treasure chests drop valuable items and loot but equally introduce its own dangers in the form of traps.

Chests can be found at random locations in dungeons or they may drop from enemies when killed.

Disarming a Chest Trap

Each chest is rigged with a trap and examining it will open the Disarm screen.

A disarm success rate is displayed as a percentage. The default percent for disarming differs per class.

Treasure Chest screen

Thief class characters will normally have a 40% success rate by default whereas other characters will typically have between 10% -17% chance by default.

At least 2 skills will be displayed in the disarm screen. The first skill is observe which predicts the trap. It is important to note that this is a prediction and it is recommended to use "observe" multiple times. The most frequently appearing trap is the correct one.

No risks are involved when using Observe(It cannot trigger the chest when used).

The second skill increases the Disarm success rate with a high chance of triggering the trap. This can be done multiple times but it is unlikely you will reach 100% disarm chance without triggering the trap.

Thieves get an additional skill to open chests by default making them the best class to open chests with, as they can easily reach 60-90% success chance with minimal risk.

Let a thief open chests if you are in a party with one

Once satisfied with the disarm chance, click the disarm button to test your luck.

Failing to disarm will trigger the trap as well as destroying a few items inside the chest (but not all the items).

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Making a start

Making your way around Town

After finishing the tutorial phase you will be granted access to the main hub of the game: Illfalo Town Square.

After an introductory cut-scene, you will need to pay a visit to Dwark at the Adventurer Guild office.

Finding Dwark by Aika

Finding Dwark by Aika

Press the M key to open your map. A Question mark icon will be displayed at the top of the map. Head to this location to find Dwark. Talk to him and you will receive a quest and a permit for the first dungeon: Caligrase Sewers.

This is where the tutorial stops, leaving out a few key locations and points that this section of the guide will cover.

Before entering Caligrase Sewers, you should do the following:

Hero Square Tour

Hero Square Tour


  • Visit the Tavern/pub and speak to the chef (A Dwarf behind the counter). The Chef sells meals that increases a single stat for a short time. For example, a Fighter could choose a Strength meal for damage or a Vitality meal for extra defense.
  • Visit the Bustling Market (Refer to your map to see the location). Specific shops are found here for new equipment. Getting new armour from this area is recommended for Caligrase Sewers.
  • Visit the inn in Town Square to level up and restore your condition. If you can afford it, royal bed is the best option since it restores the most condition (at 3,000 gold per use, this will be out of reach until later on when that gold becomes spare change).

Remember, condition equals better stats and Stamina.

  • Visit the item shop in Town Square to get familiar with the location (You will be coming here to identify loot from dungeons or buying camps). The item vendor is called "Item Donkey" (a dwarf).
  • Visit the Blacksmith to get familiar with the location. Your broken or low durability equipment can be repaired here.
  • Visit Abdul, a bare chested Adventurers guild human NPC, close to the item shop. Here you can pick up repeatable/optional missions for Caligrase Sewers (and further dungeons).
    • These missions will be your main source of Soul Rank exp whilst starting out.
  • All dungeons are accessed via the Dungeon Guide. Located south on the map, near Abdul

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Understanding quests

So now you are ready to go exploring in Caligrase Sewers to complete your quest: to kill the Black Rose Clan leader.

Quest Objectives will not be shown to you inside dungeons. No icons on the map, no cookie crumb trails. All you have is the quest journal information and your brain to figure it out....or wiki too

It is important to understand the type of quests available:

  • Soul Mission (Story)
  • Side Quest
  • Repeatable Missions

Story Missions

Soul missions are story progression missions that can only be completed once per soul. Complete it with 1 character and all your other characters (including characters you create in the future) have completed it. The Reward is given to the character you complete it with.

Story missions will often request you to:

  • Kill a Boss character
  • Retrieve a special artifact/treasure

Regardless of what is asked of you from a Story mission, the location will always be at the end of the new dungeon.

For example, the soul mission for Caligrase Sewers requires you to kill the Leader of the Black Rose Clan.

Where is the leader located? At the very end of the dungeon as the final boss.

Side Quest

Side quests are given by residents of Illfalo Town. These can be completed once per character (multiple times per soul). These normally offer a decent reward and always end with a multiple choice question.

Each answer has a specific alignment reward attached to it:

  • 1st answer = Lawful alignment reward
  • 2nd answer = Chaotic alignment reward
  • 3rd answer = Neutral alignment reward

The alignment reward are a set number of points that are added to the alignment value. If another alignment value becomes greater than your current one, the new alignment will be equipped.

Repeatable Missions

Repeatable missions can be taken by speaking to Adventurer Guild Staff dotted around Illfalo Port. These missions are designed to aid you in exp grinding with simple kill x amount of monster objectives.

Abdul Missions

Speaking to Abdul (or any Guild NPC) will allow you to take Missions

These missions also feature a daily reward bonus, giving x2 rewards for completing it for the first time on that day. Daily rewards return every 24 hours for missions that you have already completed.

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Dungeon Progression

Most mmo's feature dungeons that consist of linear corridors going from point A to point B, a few monsters sprinkled about and a boss at the end if you get lucky.

Wizardry Online plays it different. Every dungeon consists of multiple paths, monsters that re-spawn within 30 seconds of dieing, multiple boss battles and a ton of puzzles and riddles to solve.

However, the dungeons consist of a simple structure in order to progress:

Exploration -> Puzzle -> Boss Battle -> New area unlocked -> (Repeat) 

Each dungeon consists of several Fog Barriers that block your path.

Each Fog Barrier is guarded by a Dark Angel Statue (that will test your intelligence and your strength).

Each Dark Angel Statue will give you a riddle or puzzle to solve before allowing you to enter a boss battle instance.

Beating the boss battle removes the fog barrier permanently for you soul (in other words your alt characters will have access to these new areas too).

If you are familiar with Dark Souls or Demons Souls, think of the fog gates in those games. Now imagine a Gargoyle that gives you a riddle and a boss battle to beat before it grants you permission to pass through the fog gate.

Once you beat the Final boss battle you will be given a Dungeon Cleared notification.

In some cases, you will need to examine an artifact in order to receive the Dungeon Cleared screen.

If you find yourself stuck on the Dark Angel Statues, you can find all the answers here on wiki.

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Beginner Class Guides

The following guides provide you with a smooth start to the game for the first few character levels.They will provide you with battle strategies and what skill to take at each level.

Thief Class

You are given 3 skills at the start:

  • Hide Attack
  • Spear Trap
  • Careful Investigation

Hide attack is a powerful melee skill that uses Stamina (OD) and has an extremely short cooldown. Using this skill on the back of an enemy provides bonus damage, capable of killing Caligrase Sewers enemies in a single strike or at least bring them close to death.

In addition, Hide Attack applies bonus damage to the next skill used within 3-5 seconds.

Spear trap places a trap on the floor which deals 100-200 damage when an enemy walks in to it. You can place three at any time and it will stay for 30 seconds before disappearing.

Pro Tip: Using Hide attack just before spear trap is triggered, gives spear trap an insane damage boost.

Careful investigation is a Chest Disarm skill. It is a better version of peak increasing disarm rate by 10% with less risk of triggering the trap when used. For this guide I will not focus on this since it is not a combat skill.

Early Combat Strategy
  • Focus on using a Dagger and Shield whilst starting out.
  • Use Hide attack on the enemy's back for 1 hit kills
  • Landing Hide Attack before Spear Trap is triggered can boost the damage. This technique is overkill in early dungeons but its a good time to practice timing.
  • Make use of block (Shift key) since you have low defense.
At level 2

Once you level up, press K key to open the skill tree. On the 3rd skill tree pick Stealth.

This lets you turn invisible for 10 seconds at skill rank 1. (players will not be able to see you either, unless they are in your party).

This skill makes it easier for you to explore the dungeon without enemies chasing you.

It also also allows you to reset enemy aggro/hate. If you are being chased by enemies, simply use stealth and they will return to their spawn location.

This is incredibly useful during combat. Whilst stealth-ed you can place traps, cast decoy or even position yourself to use Hide Attack in your enemy's back, all whilst being safe and hidden.

Stealth has a casting animation that lasts roughly for a second(during this cast time, you stand still), so its best to keep distance when using it to avoid being hit as you cast it.

Pro tip: If you are running away with weapon tucked away and wish to use stealth: Unequip weapon and then enter combat mode. Since you have no weapon equipped you will enter combat stance in a split second saving you extra time to cast stealth.

At level 3

With your next level, pick Decoy from the 3rd Skill tree.

This places a purple cloud that distracts enemies in range. This makes it easier for you to target Hide attack on enemy backs as well luring enemies into spear traps.

With this you have the following strategy available to you:

  • Set 3 Spear traps down in close proximity to each other
  • Cast Decoy near the traps, placing it to ensure enemies walk through your traps
  • Use hide attack on enemies that survive

This allows you to kill enemies without taking a single hit, in combination with Stealth.

At Level 4

Once you level up again, open the skill tree. On the 3rd skill tree pick Make Medicine.

At skill rank 1 this allows you to create a free potion every 300 seconds. The potion heals 50hp+30% of max hp making it far superior to any potion available in game.

You can only have a maximum of 6 Thief potions in your inventory but they stack in 1 item slot making them efficient for carrying in your inventory.

In comparison the standard HP potions that drop from enemies heals 50hp only and do not stack into 1 item slot.

This skill provides Thieves with a much needed sustainability and it doesn't require MP or Stamina(OD) to use.

I recommend dragging both Make Medicine and the Thief Potion to your skill bar. This way you can use your potions faster as well as keeping an eye on when Make Medicine is ready (to keep your thief potion at max stack).

All of a sudden Caligrase Sewers is a walk in a park with your current skills!

Your future as a thief

Congratulations, you are a full fledged thief. From here on, you have the essential tools to survive and the freedom to experiment with the skills that interest you. The following builds are possible during early game:

  • Stabber Thief: Hard Difficulty (A late game build for those seeking a challenge and more direct combat)
  • Trapper Thief: Super easy. You can solo most of the content with stealth+ traps.

Trapper is normally recommended since all you need to invest in is:

  • Stealth (At max rank you get 25 seconds of stealth and 10 second cooldown)
  • Cut Parts (Extension skill that can be placed on top of Spear Trap, deals great damage with a large AoE)
  • Bomb Destroy (Extension skill that can be placed on top of Cut Parts for further, crazy AoE damage)

For further information, visit Thief Class Page

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Fighter Class

You are given 2 skills at the start:

Bash is your standard offensive skill. Its main role is to start a combo but this will only come into effect when you get additional combo skills like Leg Bash. Due to this, its best to focus on other attack skills for damage.

Defend Stance decreases your damage in favour of defense whilst active. This is a useful ability when you are in a party that can make up for your decrease in damage.

Early Combat Strategy
  • Focus on using a one-handed sword with a shield whilst you are starting out.
  • Pay attention to enemy attack patterns and guard when they make a move.
  • Wait for the enemy to attack and then counter with your own. Enemies will normally have a cool down period in between each attack which gives you enough time to land 2-3 hits and returning to blocking.
At Level 1

For your starting level, spend your free skill point on Self Heal. To do this, press the K key to open the Skill Tree. To unlock a skill, right click the icon and confirm your decision.

Self Heal provides you with a quick heal for critical situations, increasing your survivability.

Although its your only skill to use MP, its a good idea to stock up on camps to recover it when low on MP.

Self Heal scales with your Piety(PIE) stat

At Level 2

For your next level up, its time to add a new attack to your arsenal, Leg Bash.

With this skill you can inflict reduced movement speed on your victims. This gives you a perfect opportunity to retreat and cast Self Heal if needed or to reposition yourself to deal further damage.

However, one of the most important elements to Leg Bash is the combo system it introduces for your class. Using it directly after Bash will increase the damage you deal (Roughly doubles the damage of Leg bash).

This 2-hit combo will provide you with the damage you need to dominate the early stages of the game. This combo can be extended by 2 more skills later on

At Level 3

With this level up, its time to upgrade Self Heal. With the Skill Tree open, right click the skill to upgrade it to Rank 2.

You'll now have a stronger heal at your disposable to minimize the risk of falling in combat.

In addition to the skill, you also gain a new Class Specialty (aka Class bonus) that increases your Max HP by 40 points.

At Level 4

For your latest level up, use your skill point to unlock Physical Defense Increase.

As a Fighter, you now have great offensive capabilities as well as a large hp pool and Defense.

Caligrase Sewers suddenly feels like one big punching bag for you

Your Future as a Fighter

Congratulations on starting your journey to becoming a Fighter to be feared. The skill trees are organized into:

  • Damage focus
  • Tank focus

Having come this far, you should start to get an idea of the kind of role you want to play.

Do you focus on the combo skills for maximum damage output?

Do you want to be the tank that takes the damage and the aggro to keep friends alive?

Or do you combine both qualities to make a Hybrid?

From here on, you have the essential tools to survive and the freedom to experiment with the skills that interest you.

For more class information visit: Fighter Class Page

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Priest Class

You are given 2 skills at the start:

  • Heal
  • Divine Armor

Heal is a powerful recovery spell at rank 1 and will play a vital role in your battle strategy. You can heal party members by targeting them before casting the spell (Right clicking a player or CTRL+ right click if they are outside party).

Divine Armor is a short lasting "buff" that makes it impossible to interrupt skill casting. This can be useful when healing, where getting hit would cancel the spell. This skill consumes OD, so you can use this as often as you need to.This is also applied to all party members in range making it a simple, yet effective support skill too.

Stock up on camps!! Your only way of healing MP in dungeons A normal camp costs 100 gold (from Item Donkey in town) which becomes pocket change as you progress.

Early Combat Strategy
  • Focus on using One-handed maces with a shield when starting out.
  • Patience is key to defeating your enemies, don't rush in head first.
  • Block often and attack in small bursts
  • You have a strong heal at your disposal but keep an eye on your MP. Stock up on Camps each time your in town.
At Level 1

At level 1 you are given 1 skill point. For this build, I'll be recommending Poison Cure which requires character level 2. Take this time to get familiar with your skill tree by pressing the K key. By right clicking a skill icon you can spend a skill point to unlock. You must meet the requirements for a skill in order to unlock it.

So, why save this skill point for Poison Cure?

Poison can be big threat during the early stages since Antidotes are expensive to new players. With this spell(which you can unlock at character level 2) you and your party will have no need for antidotes. To cure another player, simply target them with right click or sub target them with CTRL+right click.

To remove a sub target, CTRL+right click an empty space on screen.

At Level 2

Once you level up you'll be given another skill point for a total of 2 skill points to spend. Press K key to open the skill tree. For your first skill point, take Poison Cure (located just below heal) as recommended in the previous level section.

For your 2nd skill point, pick Physical Defense Increase (located in the right most skill tree)

This will increase your defense by a small amount which at this level can make a big difference. As a passive skill, this is applied permanently requiring no extra effort from you.

At Level 3

With your new level, spend your skill point on Protection (in the middle skill tree).

This is a single target spell that temporarily increases defense. This can make you incredibly durable at the start of the game in combination with Physical Defense Increase. This allows you to fight longer battles or keep others alive for longer when used with Heal.

At Level 4

With your 4th level you can now get your first offense support skill. Open your skill tree and unlock Stun Smash.

This is an extremely valuable skill to have in your arsenal. Whilst the damage is not outstanding for this close range skill, it applies a stun effect lasting up to 4 seconds. Clever positioning can allow you to stun multiple enemies with a single attack.

This provides you with a range of opportunities such as healing, retreating or using the time to deal as much damage as possible.

Another key feature to Stun Smash is interrupting enemy charge skills. These enemy attacks are devastating and require a charge up time (A charge bar is normally displayed on the enemy). Most charge up skills cannot be interrupted by a simple attack and require stun smash instead.

With this skill in combination with the previous skills you've gained, you are now a formidable opponent both offensively and defensively.

At Level 5

Getting to your next level will be a breeze with your skills. The next skill to unlock is Heal Circle.

This is an AoE heal allowing you to heal your party members at the same time and has a separate cooldown to Heal. This will make you an important addition to any party.

Your Future as a Priest

Congratulations on becoming a priest. You have strong support, offense and defense skills at your disposal.

Enemies should struggle to not only break through your defense and heals but will also struggle through your disables.

Priests can expand into strong support skills such as increasing physical or magical attack and party wide defense spells. In addition to a range of heals (and even a revival spell), Priests get access to Holy Light which is one of the strongest spells available (capable of instant kills on the undead).

Be prepared to reach your limit as a solo class early on however, but as a strong party class you shouldn't have any problems finding players to team up with.

For more Class details visit: Priest Class Page

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Mage Class

Mages have the hardest start, but if you stick with it, your mage will grow into a character to be feared.

It is highly recommended to play with a party due to the difficulty rating.

You are given 2 skills at the start:

Flame Arrow is a single target projectile spell dealing fire damage. A low cast time,low mp cost, long projectile range and decent damage make this an important skill for Mages. This will be your main source of damage.

Poison Gas inflicts poison status on the enemy, dealing a % of the enemies max hp. At early levels the effect is minimal(often the equivalent of a weak melee attack per tick). It has a long cast time and a higher MP cost so it's best ignored for the early stages of the game.

Stock up on camps!! Your only way of healing MP in dungeons A normal camp costs 100 gold (from Item Donkey in town) which becomes pocket change as you progress.

Early Combat Strategy
  • Keep your distance. Dodge is your best friend here and you will rarely run out of stamina.
  • Always fight using Lock-on to make sure you don't miss your skills.
  • Snipe enemies from afar using Flame Arrow.
  • If enemies get too close and attack, use Dodge to cancel your magic cast.
  • Lure enemies into attacking whilst strafing to buy you time to cast.
  • Be patient and study enemy attack patterns. This will let you read their attacks so you can time your spells or avoid at the correct times.
  • Your primary source of damage is Flame Arrow. It has a long range so use it to your advantage.
  • Use camps to heal MP outside of combat.
At Level 1

You're main focus as a new Mage should be to upgrade Flame Arrow to rank 7 as soon as possible, since it will be your main source of damage for the early levels and dungeons.

To upgrade Flame Arrow, open your skill tree by pressing the K key. Right click on Flame Arrow to increase it to Rank 2.

Flame Arrow has a low cast time and a long range making it ideal for both long range combat and close range.

If you find the enemy is too close to you to safely cast, wait for them to attack before casting. Since they cannot cancel the attack you have plenty of time to dodge/move and cast Flame Arrow.

At Level 2

Once you have leveled up again, Return to your skill tree menu and upgrade Flame Arrow again to make it Rank 3.

At Level 3

With your new level, spend your skill point on Fire Blast ( which should now be unlocked).

Fire blast deals large AoE damage, capable of killing some enemies in Caligrase Sewers with a single hit.Its main drawback is its short range making it unsuitable for long range sniping. It also has a slightly longer casting time and MP cost than Flame Arrow, so don't rely on it heavily (Flame arrow is still your main skill due to speed, cost and range).

Pay extra attention to your MP now as it will deplete faster if you rely heavily on Fire Blast. Flame Arrow should still be your primary skill.

At Level 4

At level 4, you will receive bonus magic attack with a new class specialty (automatically applied to your character). You can view specialties by opening the skill menu and clicking the Specialty button.

In preparation for the 2 ranks of Flame Arrow that are unlocked at Level 5, I recommend saving your new skill point. This skill point can then be used with the next point given on the next level to upgrade Flame Arrow by 2 ranks instantly.

At Level 5

With this level up, Flame Arrow rank 4 and rank 5 are unlocked so spend your 2 skill points here ( if you saved the skill point earned at Level 4). Your Flame Arrow should be dealing heavy damage to your enemies by now and your technique in using it should have improved from the time you started the game.

Your Future as a Mage

It's been a tough journey so far but if you have made it this far, Congratulations on becoming a Mage. Extra thumbs up to taking the hardest route to becoming an Adventurer.

With a better grasp of the game, now is the time to start experimenting with the elements available to you, however it is highly recommended that you max out Flame Arrow as soon as you can to maximize your damage potential.

I recommend reading about elemental affinity to understand what each element is strong and weak against. The in game help menu (H key) provides useful information on this subject

Be prepared to reach your limit as a solo class early on or at least mid way through the game. However as a strong damage class you shouldn't have any problems finding players to team up with.

For more class info, visit: Mage Class Page]

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Advanced Reading

By now you should have a clear understanding of the basics of the game. Since this guide is targeted at new players a few gameplay features were left out, since they are unlocked as you progress further into the game.

If you wish to learn more of what the game has to offer I recommend reading up on the following pages:

Class Changing - Mixing classes or getting additional skill points
Forging - Weapon upgrade system
Gems - Gem system
Attribute - Elemental information for mages
Criminals - further information on the law system

Additionally, its worth visiting:

Union Pages

For a list of some of the unions on each server (not all are listed).

Hope this guide was helpful and I wish you all the best with your adventure in Wizardry Online. Don't be afraid to say hi in game if you play on EU server ^_^

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