Union Room 1

The Stage in the background with a chest to the side

The Union Room is rewarded to unions that reach Union Level 3, which requires 300 Proof of Bonds. The room is accessed via the Union Clerk who charges you gold to enter for a limited time.

  • 4800 gold = 30 minutes
  • 15000 gold = 1 hour & 30 minutes

The Union Room is a large hall filled with tables, chairs, beds and a large stage.

Union Room 2

Looking out from the stage


A single NPC, Elesoze, stands in a corner near the entrance acting as the sound manager (or jukebox). The npc all
Minstrel Elesoze

Sound Manager/ jukebox NPC

ows players to change the music for 1000 gold. (Refer to Music section below for complete song list)

The stage features an explosion trap that deals no damage to health or condition, simply there for amusement or roleplaying purposes. A chest is located at the side of the stage which gives the message "under construction" upon examination.


The Union Room is treated as a dungeon allowing all skills to be used such as traps.

The most interesting feature is the ability to fight and kill other players with no criminal consequences. Attacking a normal player will not cause red or yellow status whilst inside the room. This introduces a true pvp arena for players in game.

It is also possible to loot players, however it needs to be tested and confirmed whether it applies the normal criminal consequences or not.


A list of the music available from Elesoze.

Name Notes
The tale of the sword and the master that never returned Tavern theme
Steel Bonds Old Sewers Arena theme/ Bustling Market Sagil Armor/ Gidol's Forge
Magical Words on Parchment Magic Accessory Shop Theme
Daybreak in Dimento Ministry theme
Tranquil Morning Inn theme
Talk on the Streets Maiden theme (used in cutscenes)
Tension Villain/ confrontation theme (used in cutscenes)
Thy Name is Death  ????
Exaltation and Relief Final Battle Victory theme
Invitation to Your Death Masked Man theme (used in cutscenes)
memento mori Title Screen theme
Effigy Overcoming Final Battle theme
The Voice of the Soul Soul Form/ Death theme
Call of the Soul Eater Walker Chase theme
Reincarnated Soul Cutscene??? Vorge's Lament?

Wizardry Online Union Rooms

Wizardry Online Union Rooms

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