Enemies take a large number of forms within Wizardry. Generally speaking, enemies can come many different species, from Humanoids to bug, Demons and Wizards, Deadly plants and the undead, and so much more.

In a practical sense, there are four types of categories all enemies fall under: Normal, Rare, Boss Battle and Unique enemies.

Normal enemies are, not surprisingly, the most common type of enemy and also the weakest.
Rare enemies are like normal enemies, except they often carry more valuable items and are harder to find.
Boss battle enemies appear in an instanced "Final Battle" accessible by Dark Angel Statues. These enemies are stronger, more aggressive, and attack in greater numbers than their normal counterparts.
Unique enemies have a purple glow to them, and are often the strongest monsters in the dungeon. They tend to work alone, but some spawn near aggressive normal type enemies.
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