Upon choosing the learn more about the importance of inns, Alesche will direct you to seek out Bison in the barracks. She will give you an invitation for him but you only need to speak to him, you won't actually have to hand him anything from your inventory.

Click the Accept button and then click the OK button to confirm doing this Mission. Some dialogue on the bottom of the screen will tell you that Bison's location has been added to the mini map so that you can find him easier. Additionally, a pop-up will appear after that which tells you to look out for "?" on the mini-map as they are NPCs that have missions for you.

Bison is a dwarf with a white apron. He is in front of one of the buildings by the small bridge in the area. His translated title is "Camp Area Clerk." Left-click on him to "hand" him the invitation that Alesche gave you. He'll talk with you about why inns are important and explain that there are different levels of accomodations. Inns are used to rest (recover HP and MP) and to level up.

When he's done talking, turn back around and head to Alesche again. Click on her to complete the quest. Click the Report button and then the OK button to confirm turning in this Mission.


  • 50 Experience Points
  • 10 Gold