Calarde, a Maiden of Isic

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Soul Material Edit

Your story progress, items stored in the Cloak Room, and criminal status will be saved with your Soul. Soul Material is shared between all characters on a Soul.

The Soul Material you receive can be redeemed for items from Calarde , a Maiden of Isic at Quopaty Temple. Items you can purchase with Soul Material include gems, potions, camps, and Union experience bonds.

Soul Material can be picked up when your character is in Soul Form (after death). Soul materials found in this manner sometimes appear from fallen enemies, and will also drop from players tagged by a Walker. Soul Material will also begin accumulating automatically over time once your character has reached Soul Rank 3.

Note that you may only carry a certain amount of Soul Material and you will not be able to receive any more once you reach the max.

There is one type of Soul Material called Life Soul Material that you won’t receive over time. Life soul material is gained as a side-effect of purchasing Royal Shop items.

Soul Ranks Edit

For more information on bonuses and SR requirements, please visit the Soul Rank page.

To increase your Soul Rank, talk to Calarde at Quopaty Temple. You will need a certain amount of Soul Points to increase your Soul Rank. You’ll receive Soul Points by completing Story Quests and Missions. You may also receive Soul Points by defeating certain particularly strong monsters.

Reaching Soul Rank 2 Edit

You’ll need to prove yourself to Calarde before you can raise your Soul Rank the first time. First, complete the initial mission from the Adventurer’s Guild. Calarde should be impressed once she sees you defeated the band of thieves in Caligrase Sewers.

Level Caps Edit

Each Soul Rank has a Level Cap. You’ll stop receiving experience once you reach the level cap. However, you can raise the level cap by raising your Soul Rank. The first level cap is at level 7. To remove the first level cap, you’ll need to reach Soul Rank 2.