Example of a Fighter's Skill Tree

Wizardry Online has a variety of skills for different character classes. Check the Skill Tree for more information.

There are also some skills that all characters get and various races get.



In case of emergency, go to the Main Menu, then find the [Return] icon and click it. It will return you to Illfalo Port. Note that you may only use the return command once every 12 hours.

Race SkillsEdit

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In Wizardry Online, there are a lot of different items that you will need to interact with in order to use. Interacting with an item usually involves getting up to it and hitting the F key on your keyboard or clicking the F button that pops up on the screen. There may then be additional ways to use the item after that.


To open a door that's blocking your path (or to escape from something coming), get to the door and then press the F key on your keyboard. If it's a double door, you'll need to hit the f key while also holding down the W key on your keyboard to go forward. This opens the door. If you wish to close a double door, hold down F while also holding down the S key to move backwards.

Treasure ChestsEdit

Treasure chests can be found in dungeon areas. This is another item that has an interaction. To use it, get up to it and click F on your keyboard or click the F on the screen.

However, some treasure chests may be rigged with traps. Use disarming skills on armed treasure chests to increase your chances of successfully disabling it. You can also attempt to determine the type of trap. Note that you might not always be correct.

If you succeed at disarming the trap, you can take what's inside. If you fail, you'll trigger the trap. Sometimes when you fail, you'll also lose the items inside the chest.


To use a ladder, hit F on your keyboard or click it on the screen. Press W to move up and S to move down. If you need to get off the ladder at any time, click F again.

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