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Quest TypesEdit

There are three types of quests avaiable for adventurers to take:

Main Storyline QuestsEdit

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Story quests are the extensive trials your adventurer will undertake in Wizardry Online.

A story quest usually involves defeating a story enemy or finding a story related item. Both goals will always be found at the end of each dungeon; The story enemy will always be in the last Final Battle and the item will always be in the final room of the dungeon. Each dungeon page offers a complete walkthrough to reach the end which can be used to complete these quests.

These quests are soul bound and cannot be dropped as they are required to advance the Wizardry Online storyline. However, completing these quests give players acceas to stronger dungeons aswell as new equipment and items such as larger bags for inventory space.

Story Quests are completed once per soul, meaning they cannot be repeated by alt characters as story/dungeon progression is saved for all characters on a soul.

Soul-level quests summary :

Adventurer's TrialEdit

Register at the Adventurers GuildEdit

The Guild's TrialEdit

Ministry VisitEdit

Soul GuidanceEdit

At the Ministry's RequestEdit

The Masked AristocratEdit

The Suffering Survey TeamEdit

A Trial of the SoulEdit

Sewer GoblinEdit

Underground Ruins GuardianEdit

Deep TremblesEdit

Sade's WhereaboutsEdit

Recovering the Mummy's TreasureEdit

Find the Connoisseur!Edit

Engagement RingEdit

The Nine Brothers of Hell ReturnEdit

Kidnapping MonsterEdit

Pagan Ceremonies and RaidersEdit

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