Wizardry Online is an open PvP world. This means that even your own friends can attack you. You must be wary of everyone if you are to survive.

However, reckless PvP is also a great risk to players with the justice/crime system. Players can be branded as Criminals for killing and looting other players, as well as healing other criminals.

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Engaging in PvPEdit

PvP menu1

Once you are Soul Rank 2, you lose PvP protection and can be attacked anywhere, including Towns.

If you wish to engage in PvP, it works the same as attacking a mob. You must draw your weapon, target the person you want to attack, and then attack. As long as your target is glowing red or yellow (Criminal), your attacks will deal damage.

By default, you cannot attack non-criminal players (Referred to as White due to no glowing aura). In order to attack a non-criminal player, players must manually switch off "Criminal Only Damage".

This setting can be turned off by opening Macro/Commands (Pressing the N key opens this), where the Criminal Only Damage command switch is found.

Alternatively, you can also turn it off via options > settings. (O key is the shortcut for options).

With this setting turned off, your attacks will hurt everyone. However, doing so will inflict criminal status.

There are a few things you should keep in mind as a criminal. There are consequences for every action you take in Wizardry Online. If you elect to attack another player, the guards in town attack you on sight (killing criminals in a single strike). Becoming a criminal will also result in players trying to hunt and kill you. Your victims can even put bounties on your head to get revenge!

Killing a Criminal, however, has no consequences and is accepted by the games law system

Before engaging in PvP with non-criminals it is heavily advised to read about:

Being Killed in TownEdit

If you are a victim of a PvP-related death, don’t worry too much! There are a few things that are nicer about this type of death as opposed to a Dungeon death.

  • Walkers are only found in dungeons. If you're killed in town, you won't have to worry about them.
  • There are plenty of NPCs in town who can revive you should you fall while in town. Just head on over to a priest of the Quotapy Temple.
  • If you die in town you won't have to worry about a time limit to revive like you do in dungeons.
  • You can pay gold to the priests to raise the revival rate to 100% or attempt revival with your default revive rate (where offering items can boost it to 100% such as camps).
  • You won't have to worry about your items being stolen. 
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