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Starting Out

Wizardry Online is a hardcore, fantasy MMORPG. As such, we thought you could use a little help getting through the first tutorial. Go ahead and make your character and then we'll get started!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Dimento! You'll start out at the Deep Sea Port within the city of Illfalo Port.

Start out by talking to the nearby dwarf NPC, Master Garnof.

He will send you to the Adventurer Alesche. She's nearby; a few feet in front of Master Garnof. When you get up to her, a cut scene will begin and she'll give you a brief history of the city and a bit about what's going on in the world. She also suggests that you join the Adventurer's Guild, which will help you get quests.



Once the cut scene has ended, you'll need to speak with her again. Notice that she has a green "?" bubble above her head.

You have the option of learning a bit about the city before you take the Adventurer's Guild test. If you do so, you'll get a few useful items and learn more about notable places in Illfalo Port.

You can learn about The Importance of Inns, Adventurer Musts, Locations in Town, and if you click on Joining the Adventurer's Guild , she will direct you on how to take the test.

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