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Adventurer's Guild MissionsEdit

Missions are repeatable quests that allow adventurers to gain exp and gold faster. These can be taken from any Adventurers Guild NPC in Hero's Square or Twilight Alley such as Ordell(Hero's Square).

A Daily Bonus(x2 exp and gold) is applied to each mission you complete for the first time each day.

Each mission requires adventurers to kill a certain amount of enemies in 6 hours. The time only counts when you are logged in as that character (timer will pause if you are logged out or playing on a different character).

Some missions require players to hunt rare creatures and reward items instead of exp or gold. These are listed as misc missions.

Missions can be abandoned at any time.

Accepting and Completing MissionsEdit

Missions can be taken from any Adventurers Guild NPC. In Heros Square, you can talk to Ordell or another guild NPC found inside the Tavern. In Twilight Alley, you can take missions from a porkul standing near the Blacksmith.

When spoken to, they will give you two options:

  • Accept Mission
  • Report Mission

Accept Mission displays a list of available missions which are determined by the Dungeons you currently have access to. Progressing with the main storyline will unlock new dungeons with tougher missions and better rewards.

Some missions may also be grayed out, which means you do not meet the Character Level requirements. (These are often the same as the recommended level for the related dungeon).

After taking a mission, you may abandon it at any time by opening the quest window (default shortcut: J) or by talking to Guild NPCs and abandoning via the "Accept Mission" option.

If you have completed the tasks set by a mission, simply return to a Guild NPC and select "Report Mission". In this new window, you can turn in completed missions to recieve the reward (usually gold, exp and soul rank points).

Mission ListEdit

Illfalo PortEdit

Caligrase SewersEdit

An Adventurers Guild NPC can be found here near the first final battle.

Kaoka Parrej RuinsEdit

Deltis KeepEdit

Golden Dragon RuinsEdit

Chikor Castle SiteEdit

Aria ReservoirEdit

Temple of OblivionEdit

Old SewersEdit

Underground Dragoon RuinsEdit

Descension RuinsEdit

Roswald Deep FortEdit

Ruined ChamberEdit

Facility 13Edit

Dark RoundtableEdit

Sangent RuinsEdit

Misc. MissionsEdit

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