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Region: Illfalo Port

Recommended Level: 5 Party Size Limit: 4

Kaoka Parrej Ruins is one of the dungeons not required by the main plot.

"Originally, the place had been used as a religious facility. Kaoka Parrej is dotted with countless graves.

When people began claiming to see ghosts, the adventurers trying to prove their bravery blustered into this formally quiet spot.

These adventurers angered the Kobold tribe that had been nesting there. Now the Kobold greet those that enter with a fierce fight."

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: 1
Required completion of Dungeon: None, but permit drops in Caligrase Sewers

The permit to this optional dungeon drops from the Beetles inside the 2nd Dark Angel battle of Caligrase Sewers. Once you get the permit, the dungeon will be added permanently to the Dungeon Guide Map.

NPC ListEdit

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Material Checklist Edit

All materials required to complete this dungeon are listed below that can be farmed from monsters or traded from players, sold via player ships or auction house.

Item Amount Requied for Dropped by Notes
Fly Torso 5 Statue 1 Black Fly
Flint 1 Statue 3 Kobold

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Dark Angel Statues Edit

Bol Naya Street Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1 Edit

Location: Middle of G5.
The statue requires a Glutton Crystal, which can be obtained from one of the non-enemy plants nearby (middle bottom F4). The plant requires 5 Fly Torsos, which can be obtained by killing the nearby Black Fly (located F4, F3, E3, D3).
  • Enemies: 2x Impurity, 1x Dragonfly

Dark Angel Statue 2 Edit

Location: Top Left E6.
The statue requires a Greed Crystal, which can be obtained from Friendly Monster Mikhal (middle I5). He requires a Toy Frog, obtained from a junk pile (middle right J9).
  • Enemies: 5x Segments, 2x Visitor Plant
Gives access to Chikor Castle Site.

Dark Angel Statue 3 Edit

Location: Right middle D3.
The statue is covered in ivy, so you need to burn it off. Talk to Friendly Monster Kuhien (middle bottom E5). He will tell you that his friends have something that makes fire. Kobolds nearby (E7, F7, G8) will drop Flint. Middle top of G9 is Petroleum in a junk pile.
  • Enemies: 2x Kobold Warrior, 1x Kobold Chief
Grants Black Orb.

Dark Angel Statue 3 Hidden Battle Edit

Currently it is the only blue orb, and the only solo battle. Unclean is the Hidden Battle for Kaoka Parrej Ruins. It contains one bullspawn-like Cludgepain and two Fake Prophets. Recommended for levels 14 and up.
  • Enemies:  1x Cludgepain, 2x Fake Prophet

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Points of interest Edit

Guardian Statues:

  • Top Left K4
  • Middle G5

Special Chests:

  • Moon Emblem - Bottom Right J9
  • Deceased Crest - Middle E8


  • Moon crest key on a skeleton, middle left G8

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Maps Edit

Kaoka Parrej

Kaoka Parrej Ruins

Josephsky's Kaoka Map

Josephsky's Kaoka Parrej map

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Caches Edit

Name Key Drops Location and Notes
Moon Chest Moon Crest Key

Simple Camp
Bent Spear
Dull Dagger
Old Sword
Rusty Axe
Withered Staff

Bol Naya Street - J9 (bottom-right)
Mob Chest None

1-2 Shining Rocks
Leather Armor
Leather Boots
Leather Jerkin
Mage Hands
Mage Kecks
Rotten Leather Mail
Withered Staff

Mob Drop
(Hydra Plants, ...)

Deceased Chest Key Engraved with Deceased Crest

Old Sword
Dull Dagger
Bent Spear
Holey Shoes
Simple Camp
Gem MP +1


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Creatures Edit

Bol Naya Street Edit

Name EXP HP Mob Type Special Attack Item Drop Locations / Remarks
Beetle 10 ~130 Beetle

3-10 Gold
Battle Axe
Gem HP +1

Wild Baker
Beach Spider
1 ~300-310 Rare Creature


1-3 Shining Rocks
Spider Leg
Soul Medal
Peach Spider Leg


Rare Creature </span>

H5 (top-left), J9, I8, H8 (middle-right)

Black Fly 54 ~200 Fly

8-15 Gold
Fly Torso
Gem HP +1
Moldy Gloves
Leather Gloves
Thief Hands
Magic Guard
Shining Rock

Dragon Fly 48 ~620-650 Boss Creature


~15 Gold

Bol Naya Street 1st Final Battle
Hydra Plant 42 ~340-350 Plant

5-15 Gold
Bol Naya Map 1
Gem HP +1
Heal Potion
Holey Shoes
Mage Boots

Impurity 31 ~230-250 Boss Creature


Iron Knuckles
Crusty Helm

Bol Naya Street 1st Final Battle
Kobold 66 ~660-680 Kobold Charge Attack

Bol Naya Map 2
13 - 20 gold
Hidden Fragment (Which?)
Dull Dagger
Crusty Helm
Gem HP +1
Heal Potion
Shoes of Endurance

Kobold Chief 98 ~1050 Boss Creature


Charge Attack

34 Gold
Dull Dagger

Bol Naya Street 3rd Final Battle
Kobold Warrior 54 ~290-310 Boss Creature


Charge Attack

27 Gold
Heavy Cudgel

Bol Naya Street 3rd Final Battle
Segment 29 ~300 Boss Creature


Withered Staff
Magician Staff
Counterfeit Kraken Coin

Bol Naya Street 2nd Final Battle
The Lost Survey
613 2800 Unique Creature


500-900 Gold
Gem HP +10
Gem STR +1
1-2 Weapon Forging Stone Lv1s
3-5 Big Soul Medals
Muddy Belt
Warrior's Belt
1-5 Camps
Shine Medal

× Unique Creature
Visitor Plant 60 ~900-930 Boss Creature


Bol Naya Street 2nd Final Battle
Fake Prophet


~1900-2050 Boss


Flame Arrow

500-600 Gold
2 Camps (Which?)
Water Gem +5

Hidden Final Battle


~18500-18615 Boss Creature



2000-2500 Gold
Mothbitten Belt

Hidden Final Battle

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Related Quests and Missions Edit

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