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The following is a list of all items found in Wizardry Online.


Protective GearEdit

  • Head: Hats, Helmets, & Hoods
  • Torso: Armors, Coats, & Tops
  • Arms: Bracelets, Gauntlets, & Gloves
  • Legs: Bottoms & Greaves
  • Feet: Leather Shoes, Shoes, & Solid Shoes
  • Shields: Large Shields, Medium Shields, & Small Shields


Useable ItemsEdit

Station Cash ItemsEdit


Wizardry Online’s main in-game currency is gold. Gold is used most everywhere in the shops in town. Characters get gold through quests, missions, looting, etc.

Another currency is called Station Cash. This is Sony Online Entertainment’s premium currency and is purchased with real money. Players with Station Cash can get premium items through the Royal Shop.

Lastly, there's Soul Material. Soul material mostly collects over time, but you can gather it when you are dead. One form of soul material can only be obtained by purchasing items in the Royal Shop.

Level/Soul rank requirementsEdit

Each Gear has soul rank and level requirements, which are constant, unless level requirements could be lowered by Special Forging. Below is table of those:

Soul Rank Level
1 Any
5 10
6 15
7 18
8 21
9 24
10 27
11 30
12 33
13 36
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