Downloading and Installing the GameEdit

This game is for Windows only, so the file you will download will be an executable. Save or Run the file. If you Save it, click Run once it has downloaded.

The Wizardry Online LaunchPad will then install. You will need to enter in your Station Account username and password to patch the client. Once it's finished downloading, the Play button will turn green.

Starting the GameEdit

Coming from a new install that's fully patched, click the "Play" button on the LaunchPad. Otherwise, double click on the Wizardry Online icon that was placed on your desktop during the install. Then click the Play button.

Once the game has loaded, there will be a few things that come up on the screen like some logos and a cinematic. You can keep pressing the "ESC" key on your keyboard to fast forward through them.

Then you'll get to a screen that has a hallway, the Wizardry Online logo, and a Start/Exit button. Click the Start button to begin playing the game!

Next, you will choose a World (server). Click the OK button to proceed. 

After this, you'll be asked to create a Soul.

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