Innkeeper Wanda, Hero's Square

Inns are the best way to recover your HP, MP, and Condition. The only inns that restore your condition are the ones located in Illfalo Port; there are some available in dungeons that will only restore your HP/MP. Using Inns also allows you to level up your character if you have enough experience to do so. Better (more expensive) inns in town restore your condition by higher amounts.

Fountains in dungeons have all the benefits of Inns, except they do not restore condition.

Camps are items that may be used in dungeons to restore HP/MP over time. This regeneration effect is applied to any party members inside a camp, so be aware that this will cause you to become a criminal if you end up foolishly grouping with a criminal and allowing them to heal in your camp. They do not restore condition, and you cannot level up from using a camp. Camps also prevent you from casting any spells or attacking while inside them. Monsters may still run up and attack you while you are inside a camp, so place them thoughtfully.