Illfalo Port is the Town hub of the game consisting of multiple areas.

Deep Sea Port - This is where New players begin.

  • Blacksmith
  • Inn for new players
  • Cloakroom
  • Royal Shop
  • Item vendor
  • Guild Mission NPC
  • Alesche (Story NPC)
  • Alahawi (Story NPC)

Links to Hero's Sqaure and Shady Path .

Hero's Sqaure - Main part of town with imporant NPCs, Guild HQ and the Temple.

  • Inn
  • Item Donkey (Item vendor)
  • Blacksmith
  • Tavern (food buffs can be purchased here)
  • Dwark & Adventurers Guild HQ
  • 3 Cloakroom NPCs
  • 4 Auction House NPCs
  • Class Change NPCs: Priest and Thief
  • Royal Shop
  • Jeweller/gem NPC
  • Numerous Side Quest and Story NPCs
  • Temple & Maiden of Isic (soul rank can be upgraded here)
  • Dungeon Guide (teleports you to dungeons)
  • Hidden Pouch upgrade NPC
  • Hidden Crystal NPC

Links to Twilight Alley , Bustling Market and Deep Sea Port

Bustling Market - Union Clerk and multiple Equipment vendors found here.

  • Union Clerk
  • 2 Cloakroom NPCs
  • Jeweller/ gem NPC
  • Item vendor
  • Weapon Shop
  • Armour Shop
  • Magic Accessory shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Auction House NPCs
  • Classless Stone NPC
  • Hidden Crystal NPC
  • Class Change NPCs: Fighter and Mage

Links to Hero's Sqaure and Ministry of Arcanum.

Ministry of Arcanum - Story NPC found here that gives Soul Missions.

  • Ancient and Race Skill Trainer
  • Zermu Terlu (Story NPC)

Links to Bustling Market.

Twilight Alley - Criminal version on Hero's Square. With no guards here, this is the haven for reds.

  • Criminal Inn
  • Item vendor
  • Blacksmith Renton
  • Cloakroom NPC
  • Auction House NPC
  • Royal Shop
  • Jeweller/gem NPC
  • Maiden of Isic
  • Dungeon Guide (teleports you to dungeons)
  • Hidden Pouch upgrade NPC
  • Hidden Crystal NPC

Links to Hero's Sqaure.

Shady Path - Contains the prison where Criminals are sent when killed.

  • Prison

Links to Twilight Alley and Deep Sea Port

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