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Hidden battles can be accessed by using crystals at specific Dark Angel Statues. You can obtain complete orbs as rare drops from enemies or from combining 10 of the related fragments. The fragments can be obtained by enemy drops and are more common.

Hidden Battles are considerably harder than the dungeon they are accessed from. It is recommended to return to them when you are a higher level and with a strong party (unless its a Solo battle). If you die and no one remains alive inside the battle, you will have to restart with another crystal.

A party needs only 1 crystal to access the hidden battle

Some Hidden Battles also feature 2 difficulty levels. The Level 2 version is harder and contains higher level drops.

Battle List Edit

Hidden Battle Area Crystal
Enemies Notes
Arachnid Caligrase Sewers - Dark Angel 2

Party Battle

Unclean Kaoka Parrej Ruins - Last Dark Angel

Solo battle

Dragon Eye Golden Dragon Ruins - Last Dark Angel

Party battle

Aesthetics (2 Difficulties) Aria Reservoir- Last Dark Angel

Party Battle

Remembrance ( 2 Difficulties) Temple of Oblivion - Last Dark Angel

Party Battle

Toy Old Sewers - Floor 1.5 Dark Angel Party Battle

Where to Combine Edit

The concealed crystal fragments can be combined into a complete orb once you obtain ten of them. You can combine fragments into their corresponding orbs by speaking to a crystal artisan, one of which can be found in both the Bustling Market (In front of the blacksmith) and the Hero's Square (Just east of the fountain).

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