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Region: Illfalo Port

Recommended Level: 8 Party Size Limit: 4

Golden Dragon Ruins is one of the main story line dungeons in Wizardry Online.

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: ?
Required completion of Dungeon: Deltis Keep


  • Embodiment of the Priest Titanis (2nd floor J7)
  • Embodiment of the Priest Overon (1st floor I6)
  • Treasure Hunter Namith
  • Treasure Hunter Pianetti

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  • The Masked Aristocrat

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Dark Angel StatuesEdit

  • Note - You still have to visit all of the tablets before you can activate the Dark Angel Statues

Path of a Thousand Cuts (1st Floor)Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.1 (Location D3) Edit

Shards Required for Dark Angel Statue #1



Incarnation Taken Tale
1st Left Hand Twin Fish Name The first shard was driven into Lin Lian’s left hand. The twin fish ate her name and so Lin Lian was nameless.
2nd Right Hand Horn Horns The next shard was driven into her right hand. The great horn piercing Lin Lian so that she may never point her own horns at others again.
3rd E2 Left Arm Water Bottle Balance The third shard was driven into her left arm. A contradiction was born from a cursed water bottle , disturbing Lin Lian’s balance.

  • Enemies: 1x Moving Groke

Dark Angel Statue 1.2 (Location H5) Edit

Shards Required for Dark Angel Statue #2
Shard Loc Driven Incarnation Taken Tale
4th D4 Right Arm Magic Brush Power to Write The fourth shard was driven into her right arm. A magic brush inscribed false words that struck the power to write from Lin Lian.
5th E4 Left Foot Book of Fantasy Dreams The fifth shard was driven into her left foot. A book of fantasies granted false dreams, stealing the dreams from Lin Lian.
6th I6 Right Foot Magic Mirror Reflection The sixth shard was driven into her right foot. A magic mirror, glimmering silver, granted false desires, stealing Lin Lian’s reflection from mirrors.

  • Enemies: 1x Angry Face, 2x Goblin Sniper

Dark Angel Statue 1.3 (Location J8) Edit

Shards Required for Dark Angel Statue #3
Shard Loc Driven Incarnation Taken Tale
7th H4 Abdominal Cavity Mask True Self The seventh shard was driven into her abdominal cavity. A blue flame housed in a mask was placed to hide Lin Lian’s face, and with that she lost her true face.
8th J4 Breast / Chest Crown Deprive Sanity The eighth shard was driven into her breast. For Lin Lian a crown was fashioned granting omniscience but depriving sanity. With that, she was deprived her mental faculties.
9th J7 Crown of Head Cloak Deprived of Wings The ninth shard was driven into the tip of her head. A cloak was fashioned for Lin Lian to blind her in time and space, depriving her of her wings.

  • Enemies: 3x Ancient Soldier

Dark Angel Statue 1.4 (Location J9) Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.4 Answers
Where? Incarnation?
Left Hand Twin Fish
Right Hand Horn
Left Arm Water Bottle
Right Arm Brush
Left Foot Fantasy Book
Right Foot Magic Mirror
Abdominal Cavity Mask
Breast / Chest Crown
Crown of Head Cloak

  • Enemies: 1x Ancient Commander, 4x Ancient Soldier

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Fir Elin's Chamber (2nd Floor)Edit

There are a total of ten tablets which tell the story of the Dragons.  You must interact with each tablet prior to answering the questions at each Dark Angel Statue.  Below is a table which includes all ten parts of the story as they appear on each tablet.

Tale of the Dragons
Part Loc Statue Tale
1 2.1 Our ancestor Lin Lian, sacrificed herself to achieve a number of great deeds. One of which was to create seven dragons known as the Successors.
2 2.1 One was Merryweather, ruler of wind. The second was Gnightkite, ruler of water. The third was Bareaux Bareaux, ruler of earth.
3 2.1 The fourth was Leadinslaw, ruler of fire. The fifth was Qushawf, ruler of gravity. The sixth was Hiareit, ruler of the cold.
4 2.1 The seventh was Fir Ellin, the eldest of all and ruler of knowledge. We dragoons were born from the blood of Fir Ellin.
5 2.2 The dragons were not united, they each spoke of different positions. Those who protected the shards driven into their mother Lin Lian were Merryweather and Qushawf.
6 2.2 Those who wished for Lin Lian’s revival were Leadinslaw and Hiereit.
7 2.2 Those who sought to complete their missions as the true successors were Gnightkite and Bareaux Bareaux. And our father, Fir Ellin did not speak his heart as he was the eldest.
8 2.3 Merryweather, Gnightkite, Bareaux Bareaux, and Leadinslaw stayed here in Azalis.
9 2.3 Qushawf Hiereit, and Fir Ellin, the eldest and ruler of knowledge, stayed in Alaschutan.
10 2.3 Ances . . . Lin Lian . . . another . . . gre . . . You are unable to read any more of the text.

Cumulative Table of Answers
Dragon Ruled Position Stayed
Merryweather Wind Shard Protector Azalis
Gnightkite Water True Successors Azalis
Bareaux Bareaux Earth True Successors Azalis
Leadinslaw Fire Lin Lian's Revival Azalis
Qushawf Gravity Shard Protector Alaschutan
Hiaret Cold Lin Lian's Revival Alaschutan
Fir Elin Knowledge Alaschutan
Dragoon Fir Elin's Blood

Dark Angel Statue 2.1 (Location E8)Edit

Dark Angel Statue 2.1 Answers
Dragon Ruled Part
Merryweather Wind 2
Gnightkite Water 2
Bareaux Bareaux Earth 2
Leadinslaw Fire 3
Qushawf Gravity 3
Hiaret Cold 3
Fir Elin Knowledge 4
Dragoon Fir Elin's Blood 4

  • Enemies: 2x Moving Groke (As of Code Update 1)

Dark Angel Statue 2.2 (Location F4) Edit

Dark Angel Statue 2.2 Answers
Position Dragon(s) Part
Shard Protector

Merryweather, Qushawf

Lin Lian's Revival

Leadinslaw, Hiareit

True Successors

Gnightkite, Bareaux Bareaux


  • Enemies: 2x Angry Face (As of Code Update 1)

Dark Angel Statue 2.3 (Location K6) Edit

Statues Answers
Merryweather, Gnightkite, Bareaux Bareaux, Leadinslaw stayed in Azalis
Qushawf, Hiaret, Fir Elin stayed in Alaschutan (statue required no answers, only fixing it *talk to Titanis, ghost near it on 2nd floor*)
  • Enemies: 1x Demon Svickle

Hidden Battle Edit

Location: Lower Level K7 - the final statue. More info at Dragon Eye.

Enemies: 4xGloomy Baron, 1xCrielle

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Name Key Drops Location and Notes
Mob Chest None Mob Drop
(Gargoyle Archer, Zule Warrior, ...)
Treasure Chest None Random (Multiple Locations)

Note: Chests may be empty, even the ones requiring keys.

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Name EXP Type Special Attacks Drops Location and Notes
Ancient Soldier 255-276 Boss

Living Statue

Brain Tap
Mow Down

  • "Path of a Thousand Cuts", 3rd (255xp), 4th(276xp) Final Battle
  • Gives different experience points (and items?) depending on which battle.
Ancient Commander 285 Boss

Living Statue

Brain Tap
Mow Down

  • "Path of a Thousand Cuts", 4th Final Battle
Angry Face 301 Boss


Overpowered Strike
  • "Path of a Thousand Cuts", 3rd Final Battle
  • "Fir Elin's Chamber", 2nd Final Battle  
  • "The Temple Monster"
  • "The Masked Aristocrat" 
Clay Golem 384 Golem Shoulder Tackle

Brutal Dark Angel Crielle

3,309 Boss


Hidden Battle

~38,000 HP(?)

Demon Svickle 183 Boss


Poison Tongue(Poison)
  • "Fir Elin's Chamber", 3rd Final Battle
Flesh Armor 255 Ogre

Overpowered Strike

  • "Part of "The Temple Monster"
  • Path of a Thousand Cuts- F4
Gargoyle 69 Goblin
  • Gold 10-20
Gargoyle Archer 79 Goblin Posion Arrow (Poison)
Gargoyle Sniper 79 Boss


Posion Arrow (Poison)
  • N/A
  • "Path of a Thousand Cuts", 2nd Final Battle
Gloomy Baron Boss


Hidden Battle
Mangler 409 Golem
Moving Groke 409 Boss


Shoulder Tackle
  • "Path of a Thousand Cuts", 1st Final Battle
  • "Fir Elin's Chamber", 1st Final Battle
Shock Trooper 265 Ogre Overpowered Strike 1739-1861 HP
Skull Stone 243 Rare Creature


Rare Creature
The Abandoned Guardian
666 Unique Creature


  • Unique Creature
Zule 91 Zule Beat
Zule Warrior 101 Zule Throw Boulder, Beat (PBAoE)

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Screenshot GuideEdit

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