As you're adventuring, you're bound to meet some people who you consider friendly or at least make good group mates! Wizardry Online has a Friend interface that conveniently breaks it down for you.

To open the Friends List, you can either press L on your keyboard or select Friends from the Main Menu. A pop up will be displayed that shows two tabs: Friends and Acquaitances.

The Friends tab will display all players who you have invited or have accepted a friend request from. The Acquaintances tab shows some your most recent group mates. Once the limit has been reached, older acquaintances will be removed.

Friend RequestsEdit

To add someone to your Friends List, do one of the following:

  • Right click on the player you wish to add's name in chat, and then Friend Request.
  • Target a player, right click on them, then Friend Request.
  • Press N on your keyboard to open the Command window and click on the Send Friend Request to Targeted Player button, while targeting the player you wish to add.


If you aren't careful about who you add as a friend, criminals can use their Friends list to hunt you down and grief you. Since the remove option on the friends list only removes THEM from YOUR page, leaving you on theirs, they can still continue to do this if you remove them. One way to prevent this is to set your online status to Away. This will show you as online, but not where you are.

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