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Example Pages Edit

There are example pages to help you in editing. These pages contain the basic structure for different page types. For instance, there are example pages for missions, skills, dungeons, and items.

Standards Edit

  • When adjusting image thumbnail sizes, please use upright=x.x. For standard size thumbnails:
If the image is wider than tall, leave sizing off "xx.png|thumb|caption]]"
If the image is taller than wide, use upright without a number "xx.png|thumb|upright|caption]]"
[[File:Magic-shop-clerk.jpg|thumb|caption if needed]]
[[File:Walker.png|thumb|upright|caption if needed]]
[[File:Fighter.jpg|thumb|upright=0.5|caption if needed]]
[[File:Caligrase sewers level 1.jpg|thumb|upright=3|caption if needed]]
  • When uploading icons of items, please crop them at 38x38 pixels and name them "Item Name Icon.png"
  • Equipment lists should be ordered by SR/CL, then by Rarity, then by name.
  • Use the following for tables (sortable and collapsible should be removed unless needed)
{| cellspacing="0" class="article-table sortable collapsible" style="float:left;"
! Header
! Columns
| Other
| Data
| More
| Data
<br style="clear:left;" />
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