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Events are special occassions and celebrations for adventurers to take part in for a limited time. These often reward players with special items that can only be found during the respective event.

Here are a list of events:

Holiday EventsEdit

Summer Festival Edit

A celebration of summer where Illfalo is taken over by wandering spirits. Players are tasked with entering the Wraiths Stomach to seal special soul urns in exhange for rewards like the special Halo avatar.

Halloween Event Edit

A celebration of Halloween, where players assist Mr.Pumpkin by collecting lost seeds in exchange for special halloween themed rewards like the Pumpkin avatar.

Christmas Event Edit

A celebration of Christmas, where players assist a Mr.Redrum in exhange for presents like the christmas hat and boots.

Valentine's Day Event Edit

A celebration of Valentine's Day where players assist a special npc with chocolate related quests. Page will be added when this event is held in February 2014

Other Events Edit

EXP events Edit

A special wizard like npc will be spawned in Illfalo Town (Hero's Square and Twilight Alley) offering an exp meal for a small amount of gold. Eating this meal gives players between 25% to 50% extra exp for the duration of the meal.

Player Events Edit

Player events are events created by the community of Wizardry Online. Community events can be found and added in the above page.

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