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Entering Dungeons Edit

In Hero's Square of Illfalo Port, talk to the Dungeon Guide NPC to open the Dungeon Selection window. Choose a dungeon and channel to enter the dungeon.

Note that you'll need entry permits for each dungeon you wish to enter. You'll receive entry permits for new dungeons when you complete certain Story Quests.

List of Dungeons Edit

The following is a list of all locations found in Wizardry Online.

Story Line Dungeons Edit

A 'Story Line Dungeon' in Wizardry Online is a dungeon which must be completed in sequence in order to progress and open the next dungeon.

Note that dungeon progression in Wizardry Online is "Soul" based and not "Character" based. This means once you open a new dungeon, this dungeon is available to all characters for that particular "Soul" despite the character's actual character level.

This is what allows for quick character progression later when creating a new character or when class-changing an existing character.

NA/EU & JP Story Line Dungeons List
# NA/EU Version Japanese Version
1 Caligrase Sewers
2 Deltis Keep
3 Golden Dragon Ruins Golden Dragon Ruins (Japan)
4 Aria Reservoir
5 Temple of Oblivion Temple of Oblivion (Japan)
6 Old Sewers Old Sewers (Japan)
7 Underground Dragoon Ruins
8 Descension Ruins
9 Roswald Deep Fort Roswald Deep Fort (Japan)
10 Ruined Chamber
11 Facility 13 Facility 13 (Japan)
12 Dark Roundtable Dark Roundtable (Japan)
13 Sangent Ruins Sangent Ruins (Japan)
14 Ruins of Lot Hardy ロットハーディーの廃墟 (Japan)
15 The Lands of Fluctuating Darkness 昏き揺らぎの地 (Japan)
16 Hanging Gardens of Babylim バビリム空中庭院 (Japan)
17 Horror Palace 狂気の館 (Japan)
18 Labyrinth of the Abyss 深淵の迷宮 (Japan)

Sub-Dungeons (Non-Story Line) Edit

A 'Sub-Dungeon' in Wizardry Online is a non-story-line based dungeon. These dungeons, generally speaking, are not required for the progression of the story-line in the game.

Sub-Dungeons (Non-Story Line)
# North America/Europe Version Japanese Version
1 Kaoka Parrej Ruins
2 Chikor Castle Site
3 House of Savage Lust House of Savage Lust (Japan)
4 Cave of Blue 蒼の洞窟 (Japan)
5 Chaos Strase 混沌のシュトラーゼ (Japan)
6 Miskatonic Academy ミスカトニック大学分校 (Japan)
7 The Mines of Illvanvole イルヴァンボーレ鉱山 (Japan)
8 Proving Grounds of Mad Overlord 狂王の試練場 (Japan)
9 Trial of Fantasy
10 Trial of Azarm
11 Wraith Stomach - Summer Festival Event

Gauntlet Dungeons Edit

A 'Guantlet Dungeon' in Wizardry Online is a based on limiting factors such as time, levels or number of lives. The goal is to progress as far as you can in the dungeon based on that limiting factor.

Gauntlet Dungeons List
# North America / Europ Version Japanese Version
1 Monster Allocation Center

Euclid's Infinite Corridors ユークリッドの無限回廊 (Japan)

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