Double Kill Escape

Double Kill Escape


Dracon, Leader of CoP

CoP guild portal page

Union Level 5
Members 25 or so active





Date created 2013/2/20
Followers of the mysterious entity known only as The Pitch (it speculation that the The Beauty of the Pitch also serves this entity). Darkness Incarnate, this being is said to be the root of all evil and calamity. However, it is also said to be a force of balance so that the light never shines too brightly.
CoP runs a guild with the primary purpose of being a true red. No rules apply, except that friends of CoP be treated with respect and not looted (random killing may be permitted though). All members of CoP are like family.
Recruitment is always open to all who wish it, though be warned that as an established union it may take a little time for lower levels to catch up; in the meantime enjoy the buffs and benefits. Also be aware we are not well liked by most of the community, but that just meants more people to kill and loot!

The story behind CoPEdit

The history of CoP and Dracon can be found here: Dracon's Story

Guild EventsEdit

Release The Seals!: Mass unsealing in the Wraith Stomach. 7/6/2013

CoP Picture

We all stand ready to enter the Wraith Stomach!

Channel 1 Brawls!: We came.. we saw... we played with fireworks! 7/10/2013

Fireworks Chan1

Fireworks to celebrate Chan 1 brawls!

Alliances/Friendly RelationsEdit

All unions are on a case by case basis (current alliances classified)... You want peaceful relations just talk to Dracon about it. Please do not make agreements with non-leader players, contact Valiente, Dracon, or DeBlois.

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