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Region: Illfalo Port

Recommended Level: 11 Party Size Limit: 4

The name "Chikor" refers to a dog from Dimento legend.

At the time this castle was built, the construction workers raised a stray dog for entertainment. They named the dog Chikor.

One night, a fire broke out in the barracks and Chikor managed to rouse everyone before anyone was lost. From that point on, Chikor was considered a guardian angel of the workers.

Hearing that tale, the owner of the castle named it Chikor Castle.

The howls you hear in the wind might just be Chikor still trying to protect this castle.

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: ??
Required completion of Dungeon: Permit drops in ???

(how to unlock guide goes here, which is typically what the player does in Town to unlock it)

Related Quests and Missions Edit

Name Client Level Required Soul Rank Required Notes
Screams of the Departed Adventurer's Guild
The Dreaded Moving Statues! Adventurer's Guild
Execute the Executioner Adventurer's Guild
The Cost of Knowledge Helper McCoy
Ruined Castle of Grief
Gift to a Loyal Companion Sir Ghost Lord Midnight Must complete to obtain the first Dog Crystal used to open the first Dragon Statue.
Proof of a Faithful Friend Madam Ghost Mrs. Lumley
The Canine Treasure

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NPC List Edit

Name Floor Location Notes
Top Floor G10 (middle-right)
Laborer Ghost
Middle Floor
Treasure Hunter
Top Floor I9 (botom-left)
Middle Floor
Sir Ghost
Lord Midnight
Top Floor H8 (top-center)
Top Floor G8 (bottom-right) Climb ladders from middle floor to access.
Madam Ghost
Mrs. Lumley
Middle Floor E6 (Top-Left)

Ghost Servant

G5 Inn Keeper

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Caches Edit

Name Key Drops Location and Notes
Deceased Chest Key Engraved with Deceased Crest E4 on map
Moon Chest Moon Key
Mob Chest None Mob Drop
(Rotting Kobold, Scavenger, ...)
Spawn Chest None
  • Middle Level - E3 (Bottom-Right)
  • Top Level - H5 (Top-Center)

Note: Chests may be empty, even the ones requiring keys.

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Creature List Edit

Name EXP Type Special Attacks Drops Location and Notes
Butcher 315 Executioner Axe Swing (knockback, disruption)
unnamed (faint)
3500 HP
Corpse Eater Dallan 1 Rare Creature


Cursed Kobold 189 Boss


2nd Angel Statue
Doom Sentinel 500 Boss


  • Gem
  • Cracked Kneepad
  • Sturdy Strong Slops
  • Heal Potion
  • Shining Rock x2
3rd Angel Statue
Living Statue 391 Living Statue 3000 HP
Poisonous Dead 175 Boss


3rd Angel Statue
River Ancor 84 Beetle 1000 HP
Rotting Corpse 158 Zombie 1920 HP
Rotting Kobold 126 Kobold Charge Attack 1800 HP
Rush Hour 171 Boss Creature


2000 HP

1st Angel Statue

Scavenger 135 Zombie 2550 HP
Bottom Floor I4
46 Zombie The Cost of Knowledge
Unique Creature


  • Gem Fusion Materials
  • Mystery Ring
  • Shine Medal
  • Ring Kit
  • Frozen ring(DEX-5, Cursed when equipped)
  • Gem (INT+1)
  • 400-500g
  • Unique Creature
  • A giant red chest will randomly appear in the same room

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Dark Angel Statues Edit

Material Checklist Edit

All materials required to complete this dungeon are listed below. They are dropped by specific enemies populating the dungeon, but they can be traded or sold in player shops or the auction house.

Item Amount Requied for Dropped by Notes
Ghost Bone 1 Statue 1  Rotting Corpse
Ghost Meat 1 Statue 1 Scavenger
Ghost Fur 1 Statue 1  Rotting Kobold
Insect Leg 5 Statue 2 River Ancor

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Dark Angel Statue 1 Edit

Location: Citadel Interior, 2nd Level, E8

Upon entering the dungeon, head down the stairs to a new room with a ghost.

Speak to Sir Ghost Lord Midnight and accept his quest. He will require three items:

Once you have all 3 items, return to Sir Ghost Lord Midnight and complete the quest. He rewards you with a Dog Crystal which unlocks the 1st Dark Angel Statue.

  • Enemies: 5x Rush Hour

Dark Angel Statue 2 Edit

Location: Citadel Interior, 1st Level, K5

For this statue you will need another dog crystal from a female ghost. To find her go left at the fork after the previous ghost and down the stairs to a large hall with zombies. Find a corridor in the opposite corner of the hall.

Enter this corridor and head past the dark angel statue and a Living Statue. Here there will be 2 narrow corridors. Take the right corridor to a small room with a switch, activate this switch to unlock an area that you will need later on.

Now continue ahead or backtrack and take the left narrow corridor. Both ways will lead to the female ghost, Madam Ghost Mrs. Lumley.

Talk to her and accept her quest. She will ask for 5x Insect Leg from River Ancor (beetles that can be found nearby)

After you have 5, return to Madam Ghost Mrs. Lumley to complete the quest. She will reward you with a Dog Crystal , that you can now use to unlock the 2nd Dark Angel.

  • Enemies: 5x Cursed Kobold

Dark Angel Statue 3 Edit

Location: Citadel Interior, 2nd Level, H5

Requires completing The Canine Treasure. One of the teleporters (right path) changes depending on where the Lion/Phoenix Dial (left path) is set.

  • Enemies: 9x Poisonous Dead, 1x Doom Sentinel

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Maps and background music Edit

Castle Chikor Site Lower

Chikor Castle Site Lower

Chikor Castle Site Middle

Chikor Castle Site Middle

Chikor Castle Site Upper

Chikor Castle Site Upper

Josephsky's Chikor Map

Josephsky's Chikor Castle map

Sample of the background music in Chikor Castle

Chikor Castle BGM extract

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Tips Edit

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