Channel Selector at Character Selection Screen

Depending on how many other players are on the server when you log into the game, you may be asked to choose a Channel. A Channel is a concurrent instance of the world. If your computer has trouble with densely populace areas, choosing a channel that’s less crowded is ideal. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to choose an “open” Channel because you’ll have more access to mobs.

Channels can go from 1-99 depending on the amount of players logged in. You can choose to order the channels in the following ways:

  • Normal (default)
  • In Order of the Channels with Party Members - this helps you locate all the channels that your party members

    Channel Selector at Lampost in Hero's Square

    are in.
  • In Order of Small Number of Players - this sorts the list by smallest load to largest load.
  • In Order of Large Numbers of Players - this sorts the list by largest load to smallest load.

You can choose which channel to have your character in when you first log in. If you want to change channels after that you will need to go to the lamppost in Hero’s Square. When you get close to it, press F on your keyboard or click with your mouse.

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