Main article: Abomination
Type: Boss Creature
Location: Underground Dragoon Ruins

The final boss of Underground Dragoon Ruins.

Drop List Edit

Item Type Notes Phys Mag Armor Other Stats
Goddess Sphere Sphere

Many different items

(See link)

Ghost Knife Knife
Trident Spear Good 85 N/A N/A


Hardness: 2

Dura: 20

Agi -5

Great Shield of Goldspring
Rotten Despot Sword Sword


Paralysis and fear effect. Something about detection radius down is mentioned in debuff. Perhaps lowers range of aggro?

92 33 N/A

Weight: 4.5

Hardness 5

Dura: 55

Pie -5

Luk -5

Great golden Axe 2H axe Good 87 N/A N/A


Hardness: 3

Dura: 40

HP +20

Str +1

Luk +3

Dex -2

Agi -2

Dark Sabbath 2H staff Good 32 115 N/A

Weight: 3.4

Hardness: 1

Dura: 35

Metal Charm Earring Good N/A N/A 2Pdef

Weight: .5

+30 hp

Magical Shield Shield


12 Int required to use.

N/A N/A 10Mdef

Weight: 6.3

Hardness: 2

Dura: 120

Dex -5

Agi -5

Crown of Knowledge

Phantom Thief Bandana

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