• Riveran21

    Hello Everyone,

    I created a forum thread to discuss option of filing to Adopt the Wizardry Online Wiki

    There is a process and a precedence for doing so, and as part of the suggestion made on the page I am creating a public thread regarding this topic and soliciting input from the remaining user community for your thoughts on whether you believe this community needs to be adopted.  Please go to the thread and share your thoughts on whether you feel this community should be adopted by an "active" member and put forth your thoughts on which "active" user you feel should be selected and assigned as the new custodian of this community.

    Petition to Adopt Wizardry Online Wiki

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.




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  • TheoryStalwart

    Maybe you haven't heard, or maybe you have and have been to depressed to even look. But Subagames is trying to bring back Wizardry Online. They talking to Gamepot and trying to figure out what they can pull off. Please join the forums with us, talk with us. Help join this event that may be the biggest in our lives, or the great failure. But if we don't try now, if we try to wait it out or think our voices dont matter or count. Then can we really say we loved Wizardry online. Just join us now and share your stories of wizardry, thats all we ask, let everyone know how much you want this game to return.. You wouldn't be on this website if you didn't.

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  • Yaviey

    Greetings Adventurers,

    We hope you've been in Wizardry Online, enjoying all that the game has to offer like the unique races, classes, skill trees, and hard-core gameplay. We want to remind you that the following in-game events have been activated:

    • Winter Holiday Event
    • 50% Bonus Experience
    • Half Off Station Cash Items

    As you may know, on Tuesday, April 29th, we transitioned Wizardry Online, as well as many of our other SOE game titles to the new All Access subscription plan. For more information on how this affects you, please read the FAQ here.

    You still have about three months to play Wizardry Online and we hope that you’ll continue to play with us. Let’s make it count! And while you’re at it, record your characters and memories on the official…

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  • Yaviey

    Players Make the Game

    April 2, 2014 by Yaviey

    Last Saturday, March 29, 2014, a few players got together to host an in-game event. Hosted by GoreJess and Paragona and held on the Merryweather server in the SOE-version of Wizardry Online. The event was titled "Operation Adventurer Hopeful." Many players gathered to win prizes and participate in the fun events such as trivia, marco polo, a prison raid, a brawl, and more. Our own GM Dartok even came to join in the fun and help spawn some rare mobs.

    Why is this so noteworthy? This is exactly the type of thing that makes video games, and MMORPGs in particular, so fun! Players getting together and helping to impact their communities makes memories that really last. This is especially important as we approach the sunset of Wizardry Online. Som…

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  • Yaviey

    Hail and well met travelers,

    Today is an exciting day today! It’s taken us a bit of time to get to but today we re-released Spheres that were previously no longer available, we made everything in the Marketplace 50% off, we actived some of the past in-game events, and we added in the bonus experience NPC. 

    Now I want to offer you a unique glimpse into the video game publishing world. Some of you had some questions as to why it took so long to get that update up and running. Just in case you are not aware, Sony Online Entertainment is not the creator or developer of Wizardry Online. Instead, we’re the North American publisher. A publisher basically handles the legal, marketing, and implementation of a game, sometimes in a new market. In this …

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  • Yaviey

    Dear Wizardry Online Players,

    It is with sadness that I share the unfortunate news that we have mutually agreed with our partners at Gamepot to sunset Wizardry Online on July 31, 2014. The opportunity to bring a new hardcore fantasy MMORPG based on the Wizardry franchise to players across North America was a great honor, and we’ve had some fantastic battles and experiences together in the game.

    We will provide details on upcoming sunset activities soon, but wanted to alert you of the sunset now so you could maximize your experiences during the remaining time left in the game.

    For current Wizardry Online members, we will be upgrading your membership to SOE’s new All Access membership. Under this new All Access plan, you will be able to continu…

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  • Blathian

    Its time for the dead of the Pure Iron Justice Association to rise once more, its time for criminals to fear something once again, its time for the great association to exist! The unbreakable union is returning and with a vengenace, there will be no safe place to hide. There will be no one to protect you, in time I'll grow back to my original strength and from there I will destroy all who oppose me. I will oppress you and I'll ensure that you all stay dead, this time I don't plan on going anywhere, this time I play on destroying you all! Long live the glorious Pure Iron Justice Association! Blathian is back...

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  • TheoryStalwart

    Felt like ranting a lil. So my time is wizardry was pretty boring, I join the game with my friends, Erik and Nemesis. Some may know them as Olsen and Thornex, They only stuck around for about 2 weeks or so before leaving, and even during that time hardly played. I loved Wizardry's gameplay and chose to stick around, I play for a few months, but being a resident of the United States, I was always on when everyone was sleeping and it demotivated me to play. I had made friends during this time with Ruika, Loli and Davrin.

    They made the game the most fun its ever been for me, and I began to stay up late in the night to play with them. Over time I couldn't take it, with my job and the game I could never be on at the right times. So I quit for ab…

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  • Aika lakuza

    Happy Holidays!

    December 24, 2013 by Aika lakuza

    Wishing everyone here on wiki a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

    Keep up the awesome work here as usual ^.^

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  • BaronDuTremblay

    The following is meant as a work of fiction, for entertainment purposes only. Extensive use is made of game content, which is not intended as a challenge to the intellectual property of copyright holders, or the terms of the CC-BY-SA license under which the Wizardry Online Wikia operates. 

    The author will take the liberty of introducing player characters to the work as fits his artistic vision, and will take extensive artistic license in the portrayal of said player characters. Any resemblance between the work and in-game events is purely coincidental, and is strictly a product of the reader’s interpretation of the work. Be prepared to laugh at what the author is making your character do, or stop reading here. Of course, then you might just…

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  • Summer Reliqae

    New News

    November 24, 2013 by Summer Reliqae

    I offered three more Proof of Bond to the union.  Progression now has 9 XP.

    The ofiicial union page for Progression will be up soon.  I just need time off of work to figure out how to make it properly using this Wiki.

    I'm probably going to go Royal again.  It would be nice to do it tomorrow to stack the Royal XP bonus, the 30 day Dimento Medal XP bonus, the Book of Experience XP bonuses, the Special Event XP bonus, etc (for almost a 100% XP increase) but I have other financial obligations to fulfill.  I'm thinking I'll pay for a 1 year subscription on January 1st.  Until then, I'll focus on developing Progression.

    Now that they're available for in-game gold, I've switch to Healing Potion(M) and High Camps.  Once you reach a certain level and …

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  • Aika lakuza

    2nd chapter of comic:

    Go back to Chapter 1

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  • DaydreamFumo


    November 22, 2013 by DaydreamFumo
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  • Mepps

    Get Ready for NEW Classes with Bonus Exp!

    NEW classes are coming to Wizardry Online, but the Samurai, Bishop, Ninja, and Lord will all require you to be level 30. Not quite there yet? Get there now with a little help from our bonus exp event! Starting tomorrow (November 20th) and for two weeks, you can earn 25% increased exp throughout Wizardry Online.

    What are you waiting for? Bonus exp awaits! Play Wizardry Online today!

    Register and play Wizardry Online for free at!

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  • Aika lakuza

    Comic I made :)

    Continue to Chapter 2

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  • WolindQuark

    This is a work in progress.

    There has been a rumour for some time that the royal suite gives better level up results than the fountains in the dungeons.  I have at last decided to test this after some recent horrible stat increases using it.  Whenever possible, I was in good condition as I leveled.  My bonus roll points were given as Str+1, Int,Pie,Vit,Agi+10, Luk+5 on a male porkul.

    Overall attribute increase is the sum of all increases gain, with the exception of HP and MP.  HP and MP are included mostly for completeness, but if the fountain is truly worse there should be a noticeably larger difference between the average and higher values for these than for the bed.

    Leveling to 20 on a thief, using only the fountain in Caligrase sewers to …

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  • Shinis

    My YouTube Videos

    November 16, 2013 by Shinis

    Recently started to recording again for some WO Vids - not many out there esp for US/EU region. Going to add more over the time, probably some statue fights as well.

    So far the list is short.

    Ruined Chamber: Twins solo

    Dark Roundtable: Epidemic Bugs

    Sangent Ruins: various spots of part1

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  • Shinis

    My current builds

    November 15, 2013 by Shinis

    Im going to list here my current builds using

    Mostly planned for SR16, one for SR18.

    Melee/Trap thief - allrounder build (SR16 but high level build)

    Those that don't feel safe enough with desperado could switch to Attack Aura 5 for less PAtk but no PDef penalty

    Tank Fighter (SR18 lv31 build)

    following Level-Ups would be:

    32: Sentinal Guard 7

    33: Over Use 2

    34: safe

    35: PAtk Passive + Max HP

    36+37: safe

    38: Insight Lv4+5, Pdef Passive

    Full Support Priest (SR16 lv33+ build)…

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  • Aika lakuza

    Boss Bounty Target

    November 2, 2013 by Aika lakuza

    Each week an "end-boss" will be chosen by public vote to be farmed by the community.
    During that week, it will become easier to form parties for this boss.

    Current Target: The Twins - 1st Nov to 7th December

    For full details visit the forum thread:

    You can vote for the next target for the following week below:


    The most popular vote will become the new target on 8th December

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  • Mepps

    Preview: Halloween Event!

    October 18, 2013 by Mepps

    Mr. Pumpkin's Spirit Festival 

    Spooky happenings and scary festivities will soon begin with Mr. Pumpkin's Spirit Festival in Wizardry Online. You see, Mr. Pumpkin needs help. He has dropped Spirit seeds throughout the world, and if you'll help him collect them again, he will help you have the best Spirit Festival ever.

    Search the world's monsters for seeds, and bring them back to Mr. Pumpkin for special rewards. To make the most of the season, check out the Marketplace for additional seasonal items. The event begins next week!

    Register and play Wizardry Online for free at!

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  • ZakuraZenkato

    hello ;O

    This picture that is used by Diablo in the Forum post[the first picture)]

    Here is an editted and newly version :D 

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  • Shinis

    This test was done before the recent skill changes, repeated this a bit below with a comparision

    So, now that my 2nd char has started and I got the opportunity to take all of those parts at lv1 because it will reclass soon anyway, I'm using it to actually test the difference of those 3 parts.

    'Exact' values will come soon but the first impression shows the following:

    All 3 of them do equal damage, so most likely its the same at lv7. However, mobs got depending on their type different defenses against Slash/Strike/Pierce damage. Most likely its like this:

    Spike Parts = Piercing damage (obvious)

    Crush Parts = Strike damage

    Cut Parts = Slash damage

    Test values - all done with lv1 parts and 114 Patk (+6 Hawk) and good condition:

    Epidemic Bug (Bug Mob …

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  • Lydovey

    Of course, it costed us several days to run the slots 100g per medal

    the result is shown as following

    it is significant that we're not so lucky to obtain any master gears...

    Name SR Rarity amount
    wind protection earring 2  good 17
    Silver ring of salvation 2  good 17
    Silver Charm 0  normal 35
    Red hot earring 7  good 5
    Squall earring 7  good 12
    Fertility earring 7  good 6
    Rainbow necklace 3  good 1
    Welling earring 7  good 7

    In general,

    (1) junks under SR 6 come in rate of about 70%

    (2) SR 7 good earrings come in rate of about 30% 

    (3) Master gears didn't come within these 100 boxes


    Jiminy is friendly only on his skin, just like his boss Carley :3

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  • XxnirvashxX

    i make this guide to help tose players  who make characters  on chaotic or neutral alignment but want change to lawfull  passing the game all this its they need to make that

    if you start on chaotic or neutral the game give 100 points on any you  choice but you can get points 

    well  the quest you need  its here just lintk to the quest  and make like say to get more lawful points

    on town

    Misterius water  +20 at end and +10 on any align   based on aswer)

    the cost of knoweld  (lawfull +10 on donation  and +20 on any alignmnet on answer )

    Broach of Purity  (give  chaotic+20  points and +10 from other alignment on answer  but you need make this to  open  the next quest to get  lawfull +20 from quest and +30 from answer  that means you can get lawfull …

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  • Mepps

    Preview: Sangent Ruins!

    October 3, 2013 by Mepps

    Sangent Ruins 

    Next week, the Sangent Ruins and all of their horrors and dangers will enter Wizardry Online. They have been named the Ruins of No Return by those too afraid to dare the journey. Will you dare the ruins, or will you lose yourself to them?

    The true scope and size of the ruins are unknown. The Adventurers’ Guild has only been able to assemble reports from adventurers who gauged both from a far distance. It is rumored inside waits a dark, complex labyrinth of paths, and that all of them lead to doom. There are whispers of shrines to an ancient pagan god, and hordes of treasure.

    For those few permitted to explore the site, there is some hope of reward and glory. It was, by all accounts, a beautiful place once. Now monsters roam wha…

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  • BaronDuTremblay

    (Excerpt from a notebook found deep within Caligrase Sewers, in a pile of ash by a rusty, humming machine. The pile of ash disappeared soon after the notebook was lifted up.)

    Among the brethren of the Black Rose Clan, there is one tradition that had always intrigued me, especially as pertains to its origins. Occasionally, when the time was deemed right, they would venture forth, with shining orbs in their bags, in search of those creatures hidden in remote corners of certain dungeons. As I would soon discover during my travels, this custom dates back to a time, long forgotten, when our Clan was but a mere band of brigands lurking in the dank tunnels of Caligrase Sewers.

    When the warriors would yearn for battle and glory, when the mages' hand…

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  • Mepps

    Bonus Experience Week!

    September 25, 2013 by Mepps

    Want more exp? How about more time to play Wizardry Online? This week, you’ll get both!

    All players will receive a free 50% experience bonus from September 25 through October 1, 2013. To let you enjoy it to the fullest, there will be no server downtime this week. Whether you’re a veteran player or a first time visitor to Wizardry Online, be sure to log in and take advantage of this great combo!

    Register and play Wizardry Online for free at!

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  • Lydovey

    Lydovey, who is now a lvl 12 thief with max lvl steal attack and lvl 1 steath, just finished her interview with Carley in UDR. With Fumo (having lvl 6 steal attack), they two came back to town with 52 Goddess sheres.This project last a week and spent them about 20 hours to obtain those items.

    It's the big result of the Goddess spheres

    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Battle mace Normal
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Magical resist kite shield Good
    Twinbard's sword Good
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Priest stone system
    Assassin's dagger Normal
    Thief stone system
    Thief splint boot Normal
    Remencerence(Crystal) system
    Bare Knuckles Normal
    Remencerence(Crystal) system
    Great Sword Normal
    Heavy Iron Scale Good
    Hatchet Normal

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  • WolindQuark

    Here is a generic listing of "quests" for things that might want to be done on the wiki.  I'm putting these out there to try to get players interested in helping out on the wiki.

    Objective:  Determine the effects of Vitality on Defense

    Details:  The game says that Vitality has some sort of effect on physical defense.  It would be handy to figure out how much and if it's worth putting points into it for better defense.

    As a side quest in a related vein, it would be handy to check if it has any effect on magic defense as well.

    Rewards:  25 Imaginary Cookies + 25 wiki xp

    • Buying a Dimento Meal from the Tavern is a handy way to change your vitality.
    • Teaming up with a criminal player might save a lot of time
    • It will take at least 20 hits per Vit value t…

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  • WolindQuark

    In true RPG NPC spirit, I have begun giving quests to random passers by in the hope that they'll get on the wiki and edit some stuff.  So far, the quests seem to be attracting some attention and maybe we'll get some new participants soon (and even better, more wiki contributors).

    Quest Name Objective Reward Completed by Date completed Notes
    Fetch me that data! Find Leather Bandana

    10 wiki xp

    10 Imaginary Cookies

    Elesner 10/9/13 Object found to be imaginary
    Photographer Take a photo of Mercenary 2 Imaginary Cookies Elesner 15/9/13

    Ranking Name Total Cookies
    1 Elesner 12

    Ranking Name Total Wiki XP
    1 Elesner 10

    Given to those who have managed to impress with data collection

    Title Awarded for Awarded to Date awarded
    Reporting for Duty! Expressing an intere…

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  • Tasty Onions

    Those humans..

    August 29, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Dark Roundtable. A horrible place. A terrible story.. but.. Let me just point out a few things here.

    Maybe that didn't seem to stand out there. Let me try to put this in focus for you. Who is it that stands around in droves in town, buckled down with the fanciest armor and weapons that can be found? Some of them are so full of themselves they stand around half naked just staring your down like you're the one with the problem. Others.. well others are just kinda strange. Some finer examples come to mind of what I'm talking about provided below.

    is just creepy.

    So what exactly did this "Adventurer" have in mind here? Extra jock protection will increase his ability to well.. stand around in town and think about going to a dungeon? Ok ok moving a…

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  • Virrago

    Patch Notes:

    • Dark Roundtable
    A pathway has been found to the Dark Roundtable, a mysterious ruin filled with unimaginable danger.

    Humans fear to tread in these ancient ruins as the descendants of the Dark Angels lurk deep inside. Some think the Dark Angels themselves have been sealed somewhere nearby, but there's no way to be sure. All we know is that few return from here.

    According to some, the Nine Brothers of Hell are headed to the roundtable in the deep of the ruins on orders from the Princess of the Dark Angels. Who knows what dark and evil scheme she seeks to enact?

    Are you curious enough to investigate these rumors? Log in August 28th, 2013, and head into the darkness to find out!
    • Marketplace
      • Revive Spheres have been removed
      • Exploration Pack…

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  • Virrago

    Dark Roundtable Preview

    August 23, 2013 by Virrago

    Dark Roundtable is heading to Wizardry Online on August 28, 2013. This new dungeon is filled with darkness and danger, and it will be up to you to venture into its depths.

    Dark Roundtable

    A pathway has been found to the Dark Roundtable, a mysterious ruin filled with unimaginable danger.

    Humans fear to tread in these ancient ruins as the descendants of the Dark Angels lurk deep inside.  Some think the Dark Angels themselves have been sealed somewhere nearby, but there's no way to be sure.  All we know is that few return from here.

    According to some, the Nine Brothers of Hell are headed to the roundtable in the deep of the ruins on orders from the Princess of the Dark Angels. Who knows what dark and evil scheme she seeks to enact?

    Are you curious…

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  • Aika lakuza


    Zivilyn has been cornered by the Assassins, as the mysterious Client of assassins makes their way to the location. The Ministry cannot teleport him to safety like usual due to interference from Assassins. However, the Ministry can teleport him away if he makes contact with a loved one. There is no one better suited than Rena, who is always getting into danger trying to find her father. Rena holds the key to return Zivilyn to safety but we cannot let her go alone. We humbly request Guardians to escort Rena to safety through the Assassin stronghold before the Client arrives.

    Some of the transmissions that appeared during event round 40 (with missing letters or written backwards):

    • Static*
    • [Ministry] We are receiving strange transmissions thi…

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  • WolindQuark

    You may (or may not) have noticed that weapons and armour have attributes such as Slash, Strike and Crush.  I've been wondering about these a little and decided to see what sort of an impact they made.

    I got 3 weapons and enhanced them so that they had about the same attack power, a Partisan+1 (Atk 63, 100% Pierce), a Bastard Sword+1 (Atk 63, 60% Slash, 40% Pierce) and a Long Hammer+2 (Atk 64.3, 100% Strike).  Weapons were chosen to try to minimise change in damage due to attack power and max out the damage due to the damage type.

    At the time of testing, I was wearing a Splint Bandana (18 Def, 30% Slash, 30% Strike, 40% Pierce), a pair of Splint Gloves (19 Def, 30% Slash, 30% Strike, 40% Pierce), a Cloak+4 (41 Def, 40% Slash, 30% Strike, 30%…

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  • Tasty Onions

    A Porkul Date

    August 7, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Porkuls. We love, we laugh, we cry.. but most of all we kick ass! (and eat fish).

    It was a hot day in Roswald Deep Fort; Macabre was getting summoned back to the world to wreak death and havoc or something, and a bunch of stuff happened, he appeared, killed his cultists some more stuff was said; it was scary but.. if not for a small band of adventurers this could have been really bad. Like really really bad. Among the group was a Gnome named Ami; an Elf named Helga and two Porkuls who'd crossed paths a few times before but always seemed to have a good time when they were together.

    One was Azunyan Aino, a firey purple haired Porkul maiden (made of equal parts cuteness and powerful magic spells) and the other was Rodrigez Montiago.. (a thief >…

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  • Aika lakuza

    Beginners Guide

    August 2, 2013 by Aika lakuza

    If you are new to the game and need some pointers, you've come to the right place.

    I play on the EU server (Bareaux Bareaux) so feel free to pm/mail me if you ever need help and advice. If you want to know how to do that, I have that covered below too.

    Skip to relevant topics below.

    Your Soul Name is the surname for all your characters

    Don't waste time rolling a high number on character creation.

    Later in the game you will be able to re roll(for free) as much as you want so spending hours before you have started is a waste of time.

    If you want a good number then anything between 7 to 12 is fine, but don't spend any longer than 5-10 minutes on rolling.

    Bonus stats will have a minor effect on your game. Equipment will be the most important factor a…

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  • Lydovey

    Mascot of Porkul-Pickers

    August 2, 2013 by Lydovey

    It is said that Luck may effect the rate of forge. In order to have such a test, I make myself as a lawful thief with Justice. Such I can examinate as a 52 LUK character.

    Following what presented in Japanese wiki, all forging stones give vary benefit of rate and depends on 2 factors:(1) quality of the targeted item, and (2) lvl of the stone.

    there is an example, for a normal item, the base rate of +2 to +3 is 60%. A lvl 1 stone give this normal item 8% rate increasing. So the total rate will be (60+8)%=68%, and the blacksmith will tell you " A little worried".

    There is aa hypothesis in my mind about if LUK adds bonus point when a dice rolls? I wonder if every 10 LUK increase 1% rate increasing but not presented in what the blacksmith's announ…

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  • Vladvinhail


    July 24, 2013 by Vladvinhail

    i wonder why do we have wiki achievements xD

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  • Galisaa
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  • Virrago

    Patch Notes:

    • The spirit festival has come to a close and the citizens of rejoice for another successful festival
    • The citizens of Illfalo were so happy with the festival this year, they have convinced the local merchants to reduce the cost of several forging items for a limited time.
      • Forging Item Sale – Following items are on sale for 2 weeks
        • 5 count of Royal Weapon Forging Stones
        • 5 count of Royal Armor Forging Stones
        • 5 count of Royal Accessory Forging Stones
        • 3 count of Baggis’s Forge Guards
        • 5 count of Forge Guards
        • 5 count of Master Material
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  • Virrago

    Wizardry Online will be unavailable beginning at 8:00 AM for a small game update. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 2 hours. Players may note the following changes:

    New Story Dungeon: Facility 13

    The adventures guild is looking for adventures to explore the remains of this old research center.

    4th of July Celebration Event

    From 7/3 to 7/7 players can find the Pyrotechnic Expert in game to receive fireworks to celebrate with. In addition the Adventure EXP Specialist will be offering 50% bonus exp buffs to player during the event.

    The skill reset NPC has been removed from the game as it was provided longer than intended.

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  • Aika lakuza

    I've added a new Material Checklist section above statue riddle guides in every dungeon past Old Sewers. This idea came from a fustration when helping players in UDR and having to skim through statue guides to check the amount needed every time.

    All materials required to complete this dungeon are listed below. They are dropped by specific enemies populating the dungeon, but most can be traded or sold in player shops or the auction house.

    Item Amount Requied for Dropped by Notes
    (item) (amount) (Floor) (Statue) (Enemy) (Floor here) (extra info such as if it has trade limitations)

    With this checklist above the statue guides I can be used as quick reference when farming materials but also gives players a clear list of all items they need in c…

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  • Virrago

    Wizardry Online’s June 19th Game Update starts off the Summer Spirit Festival and also adds a new avatar set to the Royal Shop.


    Summer Spirit Festival Wizardry Online’s Summer Spirit Festival begins for 2013 on June 19 and will be available for four weeks.
    Every summer the people of Illfalo honor their long lost ancestors with a summer festival. This festival is part of an Azalis belief that the souls of the dead, whose bodies have turned to ash, will attempt to return to the places of their memories. During the festival, the people Illfalo will attempt to find these lost souls and help return them to rest.
    If an adventurer is willing to participate in the festival and wishes to help put the lost souls to rest, they should seek out Alahawi …

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  • Aika lakuza

    EU Lottery

    June 12, 2013 by Aika lakuza

    Inspired by Ryoku's Lottery event on US server.

    All Participants listed here.

    The event has been put on hold for the following reasons:

    1. I do not want to be hosting every event. 1 event is enough for me
    2. The last lottery event had low participants as a result of the lack of effort on my part to call for entries during the week

    Must be Soul Rank 4 or above to be eligible to enter event.

    There are 3 tiers to enter

    • 10k Tier - 10,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)
    • 50k Tier - 50,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)
    • 100k Tier - 100,000 gold entry fee (which gets added to prize pool)

    How to enter:

    • Meet me in town and trade in tier fee to enter (this way I can verify your soul rank instantly too)
    • Mail me tier fee to enter to me…

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  • RyokuSonic

    Lottery Contestants

    (No One Yet!)




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  • Virrago

    The June 5th Game Update will be adding a new sphere to the Royal Shop and an update to the Hidden Battle in the Temple of Oblivion.


    Jester Sphere

    The new Jester Sphere will make the long awaited Jester avatar outfit available to players. The Jester outfit is perfect for entertaining fellow adventurers with comical masks, eccentric hats, and motley patterns. In addition to the avatar outfit, the following new items are also being added to the sphere:

    • Ultimate Royal Forging Stones – These forging stones provide a better chance of success then the Deluxe Royal Stones that are currently available.
    • Royal Gem Fusion Material – Used in the process of fusing gems and has a higher effect then the level one Gem Fusion.
    • Regal Lucky Coin – T…

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  • WolindQuark

    The poor priest class seems to have been rather neglected on the wiki, and since I primarily play a priest, I thought I would put down some things I've tried or plan to try bringing back to the priest class.

    The mage is the most logical choice for a priest to cross class to.  Priests can use almost all mage equipment, importantly staffs, and with the addition of some of the hefty fighter class armour can become quite formidable.  MP and damage will drop slightly, but the added defense and HP can greatly increase your up time.  With the free addition of Divine Armor, you can almost tank and cast at the same time.  Whether dealing damage or providing status effects, Priests with mage skills are bound to be an asset.

    Victim Return is practically …

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  • WolindQuark

    With Rod's recent 100 Permas, I wondered if you could possibly get stacking benfits from leveling.  That is, level up, have xp drained until you level down, then level up again.

    Just gave this a quick test, and it doesn't.  Not really.  You do not get free skill points.  You do not get more HP.  You do not get bonus stats.  It's as if you had never leveled... except if you've spend the skill point you get to keep the skill.  Not that that's at all viable for anything past level 1 at the moment. 

    You can however effectively do rerolls of your level up bonuses.  Mage's INT decreased?  Drain a level and try again.  Maybe it'll go up this time. 

    You'll need to just barely make your level if you do this.  I'd recommend doing low xp monsters/quests…

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  • Tasty Onions

    Guide to Nil

    May 31, 2013 by Tasty Onions

    Never have I screamed so many profanities than I have accomplishing this feat. With that said; finally.. yay.

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