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Assassins vs Guardians

AvsG banner

Server: Bareaux Bareaux (EU server)

Event type: exploration, pvp 

Wizardry Online EU event Trailer Assassins vs Guardians

Wizardry Online EU event Trailer Assassins vs Guardians


A contract has been made to eliminate the noble, Zivilyn Lakuza. Instead of confronting his pursuers the cowardly dwarf has gone into hiding, also losing contact with the Ministry in the process. The ministry are desperately trying to locate and save him by using small traces of his soul to track his location.

This process takes one hour to complete in order to teleport him to safety.

Rena Aino's Story:

As the adopted daughter of Zivilyn Lakuza, a contract has also been placed on this young porkul. Because Rena Aino misses her father, she keeps running off from house to search for him, but she continuously ends up getting lost. The ministry are using the small traces of her soul to locate and teleport her to safety after 1 hour.

Wolind Quark's Story:

Although an authorised reseller of mostly completely legal internal organs, one dissatisfied customer is out for the blood of this almost completely innocent doctor. The mass media is eagerly following the chase of the customer's hired killers, while Wolind's Lawyers search desperately for him in order to file restraining orders on the killers and get him out of the soup.


The participants are split into 2 sides with a set objective:

Assassins: Criminals (red): Find and eliminate the noble(The event host) before time is up to get prize money.

Guardians: Normal players (non-red/white) Find the noble and keep him alive for duration of event.

The host of the event plays the role of the noble hidden in a random dungeon and channel for 1 hour. The location is kept hidden from all participants.

A secondary host may also be present role playing as the "permaguard" (permanent guardian). A player who volunteers for the role of permaguard is excluded from the prize and is present with the noble from the beggining.

Using the Global Chat (Global of normal ring), the host will exclude one incorrect dungeon every 5 minutes (As well as stating the time remaining for Guardian Victory) until only 2 dungeons remain as possible locations.

After 30 minutes, the correct channel is announced.

After 1 hour, the event ends with a Guardian Victory if the noble has not been killed.


(As of Round 69)

1.Target cannot hide in following areas:
- Final battle
- Porkul only areas
- Adult only areas

2. Target cannot leave room/ corridor, cannot fight back or heal self (must rely on guardians only)

3. Both sides have 1 hour to find target to fulfill objective.

5. Guardians that have remained alive by target, after event time has expired, share the prize money

6. The assassin that lands the killing blow wins prize.

7. The target cannot reveal location to anyone and can only provide the required clues at the set times listed in overview (every 5 minutes must exclude 1 incorrect dungeon until 2 dungeons remain. After 30 minutes must announce correct channel).

8. Must set status to "away" or "offline"

9. Must not be on a blacklist

10. Must deny all party invitations (auto deny setting is suggested)

11. Host must exclude 1 dungeon as soon as the event begins (due to amouny of dungeons enabled)

12. The following dungeons are possible hiding places during the event:

13. Both Party and Story Channels can be hiding places.

14. The first guardians to find the host are permitted to join the Host's party up to the dungeon limit.

14. A guardian who assassinates the host is labelled as a "betrayer" and wins the prize as an assassin.

15. If the host is killed by a NPC, the event continues with the host being confined to the area where they revive.

16. The host can be revived using player skills. The host can only revive with the base revive rate given by the skill (no offering items).

on the 1st death there is a 60 second limit to revive

on the 2nd death there is a 30 second limit to revive

on the 3rd death there is a 15 second limit to revive

on the 4th and all deaths following there is a 6 second limit to revive.

If the host is ashed, the assassin wins. If the revive time limit is passed and the host remains dead, the assassin wins.

16. Players may not teleport the host to town using the Bishop skill. In a scenario when this occurs the host will pause event timer and move to Caligrase Sewers where the event will continue.

Permaguard rules:

1. Cannot reveal location or provide clues to anyone

2. Must keep identity secret

3. Must set status to "away" or "offline" and not appear on a blacklist

4. Cannot kill the host

5. Must be between level 25 or below (As of event 21)


The prize varies with each event and is primarily a gold prize (although items have been included in past events).
The prize is formed from optional donations from players and a fixed donation from the host. Players looking to donate for the next event are encouraged to do so by mail.

The prize is fixed during the pre event gathering that takes place 10 minutes before the event begins.

The prize distribution is different for both sides:


Only the killer gets the prize (it is up to the killer to share this prize out if he/she was in a party)


All Guardians present at the location (room/corridor) at the end of the event get a share of the prize.


Assassins vs Guardians was created by Aika Lakuza, shortly after she created the Global Chat Ring. The idea was teased on the chat for a week before she created a development thread on the forums in order to get feedback and critique. Within a week the first event was promoted with generous donations from players who were interested (2.5 million gold).

A Pre-event gathering is also held 10 minutes before each event begins. During this time, participants gather together to socialise, the host goes over the rules as well as locking the prize down. Originally, the first pre-event was held in the tavern but was changed to Twilight Alley to prevent guards killing assassins before the event begun.

Prevent Round1

The first pre-event held in the tavern.

The first event was a success with demand for more rounds almost immediately. The 2nd round was held the following day and from then on, it has been hosted on both days, every weekend.

Round 2 was the first event to be recorded and uploaded to Aika Lakuza's youtube channel. Since then, it has become a regular feature for the events.

The event has evolved over time from its initial rules based off player feedback. After Round 3, players representing the Guardian faction complained that it was too difficult to win based on how an assassin had always located the host first before any guardian. For Round 4, the concept of a Permaguard was introduced. A guardian was given the opportunity to volunteer as a permanent guardian (excluded from the prize and treated as a secondary host). This permaguard would be present at all times with the host as a party member.

Another change made for Round 4 was the change in "announcement" times. Originally, the host excluded 1 dungeon every 10 minutes and the correct channel was announced after 50 minutes. For Round 4 this was altered to every 7 minutes for dungeon exclusions and 45 minutes for the channel reveal. Over time this was further changed to the current anouncement timings (5 minutes for dungeon exclusion and 30 minutes for channel reveal). These changes were made to balance the two gameplay elements of the event evenly within the hour duration (exploration vs pvp).

After Round 13, changes were made to the Permaguard rules to prevent high level players becoming one and making it almost impossible for assassins to win. Now volunteers are only accepted if they meet the "roughly level 20" criteria.

With the introduction of a new event, Soul Seeker, (hosted by Aika on Sundays) it became difficult to manage two events on the same day. At this point, Aino stepped forward to become the host of Assassins vs Guardians every Sunday.

After Round 20 the level cap for permaguard was raised to level 25.

Each event is announced via the forums:

Assassins vs Guardians Event Date Announcement thread

After every event, the results are posted in the following thread accompanied by the highlight vid:

Assassins vs Guardians Results & Highlights thread

With the end of the English servers, Wolind Quark eventually hosted another event on the Japanese server nearly 2 years after the final English round.

Hall Of FameEdit

Current ScoreEdit

(as of Round 70)

Assassin score Guardian score
51 19


Event (date) Host Permaguard Winner (s)


Prize notes Highlight vid (Youtube)

9th March

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 2,500,000 gold

1st Assassin victory

No recording

10th March

Aika Lakuza - Nagi Eu Assassin Round 2 Event Highlight

16th March

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin Round 3 Event Highlight

17th March

Aika Lakuza

KaKaMe Nagi Eu Assassin Permaguard introduced Round 4 Event Highlight

23rd March

Aika Lakuza Topjoe Aino , Enarhean, Borchy, Caedes, Hvylia, LordErik, Malaky, Spriggan, Xuffasch Guardian 1st Guardian victory Round 5 Event Highlight

24th March

Aika Lakuza Nagi EU King Roxas Assassin Round 6 Event Highlight

30th March

Aika Lakuza Aino Nagi Eu Assassin Round 7 Event Highlight

6th April

Aika Lakuza Aino King Roxas Assassin Round 8 Event Highlight

7th April

Aino King Roxas Hvylia, Kirito Spriggan, KING ADAM, Aika Lakuza Guardian

First Alternative host   Aino's first event as host

No recording

13th April

Aika Lakuza Kirito Spriggan Atomos



1st Betrayal Round 10 Event Highlight

14th April

Aino Pixu Starborn Serra Misuzo Assassin In the event highlight vid, Roxas was credited as the winner by mistake. Round 11 Event Highlight

20th April

Aika Lakuza Aino

Hvylia,          Pixu Starborn

Guardian Round 12 Event Highlight

21st April

Aino Pixu Starborn Aika Lakuza Guardian Round 13 Event Highlight

27th April

Aika Lakuza Quark Wolind King Roxas Assassin Round 14 Event Highlight

28th April

Aino - Gwen ILawson Assassin No Recording


4th May

Aika Lakuza Diana Baadco King Roxas Assassin Round 16 Event Highlight


5th May

Aino - King Roxas Assassin Event 17 Event Highlight


11th May

Aino - King Roxas Assassin Round 18 Event Highlight


18th May

Aika Lakuza Quark Wolind King Roxas Assassin 850,000 gold A true PVP war. Round 19 Event highlight


19th May

Rena Aino - King Roxas Assassin 600,000 gold No recordings


25th May

Aika Lakuza Neada Neada King Roxas Assassin 1,200,000 gold Round 21 Event highlight


26th May

Rena Aino Quark Wolind Roronoa Zoro Assassin 350,000 gold Round 22 Event highlight


1st June

Aika Lakuza Aino Tenesi hydroCZ Assassin 650,000 gold Round 23 Event highlight


2nd June

Rena Aino - Jesse James Assassin 450,000 gold No recordings


8th June

Aika Lakuza - Ziggs 707 Guardian 1,000,000 gold Round 25 Event highlight


15th June

Aika Lakuza Aino King Roxas Assassin 800,000 gold Round 26 Event highlight


22nd June

Aika Lakuza - Aino, Hvylia, Fellwood, Johnsmit, Theodosa, theBrave, AHTRON, Gviskard Guardian 1,000,000 gold No Recording


30th June

Aika Lakuza - Orv'Osis Assassin 300,000 gold Round 28 Event Highlight


6th July

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 550,000 gold Roxas takes Nagi's former achievement for fastest win (8 mins) Round 29 Event Highlight


7th July

Rena Aino Kat Macando Loli Assassin 750,000 gold Round 30 Event Highlight (Recorded by Aino)


13th July

Aika Lakuza - Gazsi Assassin 900,000 gold Round 31 Event Highlight


14th July

Rena Aino - Gazsi Assassin 1,100,000 gold Round 32 Event Highlight


20th July

Aika Lakuza - Ziggs 707, Aino, Neada Guardian 800,000 gold Round 33 Event Highlight


27th July

Aika Lakuza - Ziggs 707, Kirito Spriggan, Elarix Guardian 700,000 gold Round 34 Event Highlight


28th July

Rena Aino - Tenesi hydroCZ Assassin 1,000,000 gold last minute win. Round 35 Event Highlight


3rd August

Aika Lakuza Quark Wolind Ziggs 707, Aino, Hvylia Guardian 700,000 gold No recording


4th August

Rena Aino -

Ziggs 707, Neada, Wolind, Aika Lakuza, Borchy, Einstein, Rasiel, Monitago


1,200,00 gold No recording


10th August

Aika Lakuza -




1,000,000 gold 2nd successful Betrayal Round 38 Event Highlight


11th August

Rena Aino -

Ziggs 707, Wolind, Aika Lakuza, Borchy, Einstein, Hvylia, Eulalie, Spriggan

Guardian 1,400,000 gold Another PVP war Round 39 Event Highlight


17th August

Aika Lakuza -


Assassin 800,000 gold PVP war!!

Round 40 Event Highlight


18th August

Rena Aino -

Ziggs 707, Aika Lakuza, Einstein, Neada Hards, DeMons

Guardian 2,000,000 gold

Round 41 Event Highlight


25th August

Aika Lakuza & Rena Aino -

Orv'Osis, James, Owlet, gazsi, Gviskard, Neada, Meng,    Loli, Shiraga, Lenart, hydroCZ, Ruika, CurdRice, EagleEye, Amiranth, GUTS, Stalwart, Blinky

  • 10,000,000 gold prize (equal share)
  • Avatar Sphere each

Stronghold - 6th Month Anniversary Special

Event vid coming soon


31st August

Aika Lakuza CurdRice Assassin 800,000 gold CurdRice takes fastest win title with 4 mins Round 43 Event Highight


7th September

Aika Lakuza hydroCZ Assassin 1,200,000 gold No recording


21st September

Aika Lakuza gazsi Assassin 800,000 gold No recording


28th September

Aika Lakuza gazsi Assassin 7,500,000 gold Round 46 Event Highlight


5th October

Aika Lakuza

Bridget Honteux

Wolind, Spriggan, DeMons, Eulalie, Moontree, Daydream, Harima

Guardian 2,000,000 gold No recording


12th October

Aika Lakuza -

Harima, ELD, Orv'Osis, Wolind, Airu,

Guardian 1,500,000 gold coming soon


19th October

Aika Lakuza - Master of_Evil Assassin 750,000 gold No recording


26th October

Aika Lakuza - Elendar Raynen Assassin 2,000,000 gold No recording


2nd November

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 1,000,000 gold No recording


9th November

Aika Lakuza Kirito Spriggan Aino, ELD, Hvylia, Rbn, Shinis Guardian 500,000 gold No recording


10th November

Rena Aino Kirito Spriggan hydroCZ Assassin 1,500,000 gold No recording


16th November

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 4,000,000 gold No recording


17th November

Rena Aino - Shinis, Rbn, Hvylia, Aika Lakuza Guardian 750,000 gold No recording


23rd November

Aika Lakuza - Raynen Assassin 750,000 gold No recording


24th November

Rena Aino - Orv'Osis Assassin 1,800,000 gold No recording


30th November

Aika Lakuza - Kirito Spriggan



700,000 gold No recording


8th December

Rena Aino - King Roxas Assassin no recording


15th December

Rena Aino Aika Lakuza


Ziggs 707

Guardian 1,000,000 Gold no recording


15th December

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 400,000 gold no recording


28th December

Aika Lakuza - King Roxas Assassin 1,750,000 Gold no recording


4th January

Aika Lakuza - Orv'Osis Assassin 1,000,000 Gold no recording


11th January

Aika Lakuza - hydroCZ Assassin 400,000 Gold no recording


13th January

Rena Aino - King Roxas Assassin 200,000 Gold no recording

24th October 2015

Wolind Quark - Meng


Guardian 100,000,000 Gold First ever Japanese Server Version!

31st October

Wolind Quark - Rekhyt Assassin 133,000,000 Gold

7th November

Wolind Quark - Orv'osis Assassin 60,000,000 Gold

White Magic Badios


15th November

Wolind Quark - Oreos Assassin 50,000,000 Gold Best PvP event so far on Japanese server!
7021st December Wolind Quark - Kinetic Guardian 11,000,000 Gold


Position Player Faction Wins
1/\ King Roxas Assassin 19
2 Hvylia Guardian 9
3 Ziggs 707 Guardian 8
4 Aika Lakuza Guardian 6
4 Kirito Spriggan Guardian+Assassin 6
4 hydroCZ Assassin 6
4 Orv'Osis Assassin+Guardian 6
5 Neada Guardian+Assassin 5
5 Gazsi Assassin 5
5 Aino Guardian 5
6 Wolind Guardian 4
7 Borchy Guardian 3
7 Nagi EU Assassin 3
7 Einstein Guardian 3
8 Meng Guardian+Assassin 2
8 Eulalie Guardian 2
8 DeMons Guardian 2
8 Harima Guardian 2
8 ELD Guardian 2
8 Rbn Guardian 2
8 Shinis Guardian 2
8 James Assassin 2
8 Amiranth Assassin 2
8 Loli Assassin 2
8 CurdRice Assassin 2
8 Raynen Assassin 2












Johnsmit, Kinetic,





Pixu Starborn, 





Guardian 1




Gwen ILawson,




Master of_Evil, Oreos,



Roronoa Zoro,


Serra Misuzo,



Assassin 1

Special AchievementsEdit

There are two types of achievements:

  • Permanent - Usually the 1st to achieve or a special mention
  • Current - Given to the player who is currently leading in this feat/achievement. An achievement that can be challenged by beating the current title holder.
Title Type Description Player Event awarded in
Precursor Permanent The first ever winner King Roxas Round 1
Champion Current Won the most events King Roxas As of Round 26
Elite Assassin Current Most wins for Assassin faction King Roxas As of Round 26
Elite Guardian Current Most wins for Guardian faction Ziggs 707 As of Round 41
I am ninja! Permanent Sneaking past a wall of Guardians, killing target and escaping the scene King Roxas Round 6


Permanent Staying alive for a long time despite being attacked by several enemies Nagi Eu Round 5
RPGamer Permanent First Role player Hiraga As of Round 26
Speed Demon Current Quickest win as assassin King Roxas

Awarded for Round 59:

3 minute win

Killer Instinct Permanent First Assassin to locate host King Roxas Round 1
Reporting for Duty! Permanent First Guardian to locate host Pettanko Ninja Round 2
Cheerleader Permanent boosting morale for your faction on global chat TopJoe Round 5
Didn't see this coming! Permanent first betrayal Atomos Round 10
Defender Permanent 1st Permaguard KaKaMe Round 4


Permanent 1st Permaguard for a guardian win TopJoe Round 5
Veteran Defender Current Player with most permaguard appearences Aino

As of Round 26:

Permaguard 5 times

Guardian Angel

Current Permaguard with the highest kill count Pixu Starborn Round 13


Permanent 1st alternative host Aino Round 9
Denied Permanent 1st betrayal prevented Fosfor Round 15
Spectator Permanent 1st spectator Dartok Round 13
Thats not bunny! Permanent killed by a mob (vorpal bunny) Aino Round 12
Leap of Faith Permanent falling to death a lot Zoro Round 11
Hat Trick Permanent Awarded to first player to win 3 times in a row King Roxas Round 18
Kitten Smasher! Permanent Awarded to the queen of kittens Neada Round 19
Zero Hour Permanent Awarded to the 1st assassin that kills the host with 1 minute remaining for guardian victory. King Roxas Round 19
Survivor Permanent Awarded for being the only Guardian alive at the end of the first pvp war. Aino Round 19
Permatraitor Permanent awarded to the game's speech bubble for revealing host's location on multiple occassions Chat Speech Bubble Round 20
Pub Brawler Permanent Attacking a team of Guardians with fists and not giving up. Gazsi Round 34
You Shall Not Pass! Permanent Awarded for holding off assassins whilst quoting Gandalf. Ziggs 707 Round 36
Trojan Horse Permanent Awarded for an assasin sacrificing themself to break the line of traps, so comrades can break through guardians. Tiny Owlet Round 37
Karma Permanent Awarded to a Guardian who loots an assassin only to then be killed accidently repeatedly by Guardian AOE attacks. Wolind Round 37
Split Personality Permanent Awarded to the 1st player who has won as a Guardian and as an Assassin Neada Round 38
Honourable Assassin Permanent Awarded for sparing the target in favour of allowing more guardians and assassins to assemble for a pvp war James Round 40
Dark Angel Permanent Awarded to an Assassin that kept healing host and aiding in Guardian victory Wolind Round 41
So what did I miss? Permanent Awarded for arriving at a PvP battlefield as it ended. EagleEye Round 41
Sphere Master Permanent Awarded for supporting the event with an awesome prize Dartok rhaza Round 42
Stronghold Champions Current Awarded to the faction that won Stronghold Assassins Round 42
It wasn't me! Permanent Awarded for accidently turning red as a guardian by injuring/killing other guardians. Orv'Osis Round 47
Hell's Chef Permanent Awarded to an assassin that killed target and atleast 4 guardians with flame circle hydroCZ Round 53
Vampire Permanent Awarded for killing host with HP drain Orv'Osis Round 63
Greedy Hands Permanent Awarded for the first player to loot host. King Roxas Round 63
Reanimator Permanent Awarded for the first player to revive host successfully. Hvylia Round 64
First Bishop Permanent Awarded for the first player to participate in the event as a Bishop Hvylia Round 64
First Ninja Permanent Awarded for the first player to participate in the event as a Ninja King Roxas Round 65
Philanthropist Permanent Awarded to players who made recordbreaking donations Pendragn, Rekhyt, Spriggan Round 66 and 67
Hi Lords Permanent Awarded to the first players to participate in the event as a Lord Goenitz,


Round 66
Let me tell you a story... Permanent Awarded to the first player to win in a story mode channel Rekhyt Round 67
What am I supposed to do again? Permanent Awarded to assassins who found the target first and 'protected' him from guardians Rekhyt, Lakatos Round 67
The First Samurai Permanent Awarded to the first player to participate in the event as a Samurai Kinetik Round 68
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