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Region: Illfalo Port

Recommended Level: 12 Party Size Limit: 4

Aria Reservoir is one of the main story line dungeons in Wizardry Online.

While more difficult than Chikor Castle a full party is not required to complete this dungeon. A duo should be able to comfortably complete this area.

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: ?
Required completion of Dungeon: Golden Dragon Ruins

To get into this dungeon, be sure to complete the quest "The Masked Aristocrat". Afterwards you'll need to speak to Dwark, the Adventurers Guild Leader and do a simple in town quest which will end with you receiving the permit to get into Aria Reservoir. Note that if you are killed while any quest giver/receiver is talking to you, you have to go back to them go restart the conversation.

Maps Edit

Aria Resevoir

Aria Reservoir (Floor 1)

Aria Core Area Lower

Aria Reservoir Core Area Lower (Floor 2)

Aria Core Area Upper

Aria Reservoir Core Area Upper (Floor 2)

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Material Checklist Edit

All materials required to complete this dungeon are listed below. They are dropped by specific enemies populating the dungeon, but they can be traded or sold in player shops or the auction house.

Item Amount Requied for Dropped by Notes
Kraken Coin
  • 2 for non porkul characters
  • 1 for Porkul characters
Floor 1 Statue 4
  • Millionaire (Floor 1)
  • Some side quests from previous dungeons.
  • Higher level players will get plenty dropping in higher dungeons so check player shops and auctions or ask around.
Spider Silk 10 Floor 2 Statue 3(7) Huge Spider (Floor 2)
Frog Eye 10 Floor 2 Statue 3(7) Poison Toad (Floor 2)

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Dark Angel Statues Edit

Reservoir Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1 Edit

Location: J5
A ticket is required to pass. Ticket can be found by following the open passageway down the stairs to a room and actioning the first dispenser on your right (K7). 
  • Enemies: 1x King of the Unclean, 2x Filthy Valet
Note: Named Zule warrior has a ton of HP, so be sure to bring a healer, or a shield, or have the appropriate level to take him. Others are named blood suckers.

Dark Angel Statue 2 Edit

Location: I9
A puzzle is required for entry. Talk to the gargoyle statue to receive 10 coins (not in inventory, no text confirming). Down the corridor North of gargoyle statue (I8/I7) there are three scales with dialogue telling you how to solve the puzzle. The closest scale requires 1 coin, the middle 3 coins, and the furthest 6 coins.
  • Enemies: 1x Millionaire, 9x Brides
Note: This boss is a great area to farm Soul Rank and experience up to level 15 and SR5 (and beyond). However the mobs will break your armor/weapon fairly quickly.

Dark Angel Statue 3 Edit

Location: F8
This statue is shaped like a horse. Examining the statue tells you that a piece is missing. There is a dark maze in G8,G9,H8,H9 that contains several pieces for the horse. The unicorn horn, wings, etc. are found here. Collect the Unicorn Horn and return to the statue to install and start the fight. 
  • Enemies: 15-20x Knight

Dark Angel Statue 4 Edit

Location: D9
Just Northeast (E9) of this statue there is a bust that when actioned tells you to submit 2 coins for an adult, and 1 for a child. You must use your Kraken Coins here. If you are a porkul, you only need 1 Kraken coin. All others require two. 
  • Enemies: 1x Element X, 4x Sickling Smoke

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Core Area Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1 (5) Edit

Location: H8
The four busts leading up to gargoyle tell a story of four knights and a king. You will have to action the dark statue four times before it unlocks, each time it will ask you a question. Each time you answer correctly, you will have to fight a single knight. The final fight is all four knights at once.
  1. The black knight is the knight who acted first.
  2. The moon knight is the knight who died for another. 
  3. The red knight is the knight who did not act. 
  4. The shining knight is the knight who became king. 
  • Enemies: 1x Jewel Knight (x4 questions) (Solo), 4x Jewel Knight (final fight)

Dark Angel Statue 2 (6) Edit

Location: F4
After speaking to the Dark Angel statue there are 4 items that need to be gathered and then turned in at a pedistal to gain the 8 items in total you require to offer the statues to access the boss fight. 2 of the items can be found in the sewers with the spiders and the other 2 are in the sewers with the frogs
The blue circles show where the stairs are located to find the parts of the sewers that contain spiders (on the left) and frogs (on the right)
The area where the blue dot on the right is contains 2 doors, the first will allow you to access the part of the sewers that has frogs, and the second door will take you to the pedestal (mirror) you need to speak to 4 times (once for each item) to get the 8 items required.
Once you have the items the red lines show roughly where the statues are that you need to speak to. The statues are in 4 pairs of 2, each pair contains a male and female statue. You can tell which is which by what the statues say, the male ones will say 'a male puts their foot forward' and the females will say 'a female puts their foot forward'. Offer the items to the female in each pair first and then to the male,
Once completed speak to the Dark Angel statue again and you can access the boss fight.
  • Enemies: 8x Shadow Dancer
Side note: While collecting the items in the sewers for the statues it is recommended to farm 10 frog eyes and 10 spider silk in order to be able to access the seventh Dark Angel statue
It is advised to get all four items before the mirror. It is possible to pick up duplicate pieces and the mirror may hang up on them (delete the extras).

Dark Angel Statue 3 (7) Edit

Location: E3
Requirements: 10 frog eyes and 10 spider silk
After speaking to the Dark Angel statue backtrack towards F3 (other direction out of sewer area) and you will see a cutscene, Follow where Arahawi went and another cutscene will play and you will receive the quest to collect 10 spider silkand 10 frog eyes. If you have these already run around the area until another cutscene starts and Arahawi will give you the required item to enter the final boss battle for Aria Reservoir
  • Enemies: 1x Bullspawn, 1-4x Assault Bull (party size dependent)
Note: The fight starts with a Bullspawn. Once this dies the Assault Bulls will appear, 1 for each member of your party. This is a popular fight to farm for trap thieves because you can set up full traps where the Assault Bulls will appear, and wait to kill the Bullspawn until the traps are ready.

Hidden Battle Edit

Location: G2 - final statue
Requirements: Hidden Crystal - Aesthetics and dungeon cleared
  • Enemies: 1xAndy, 1xJean, 1xKeith
Note: You can only use the crystal if you have completed the dungeon

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Related Quests and Missions Edit

  • Beetle Infestation 3
  • Blow the Fog Away!
  • The Coin Goblin
  • Mad Cow of the Underground
  • The Inventor's Request
  • At Arahawi's Request
  • Follow That Bug!
  • Land of Desire
  • The Suffering Survey Team

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NPC List Edit

  • Arahawi
  • Medic Jalleo
  • Survey Boss Virginia
  • Survey Member Correlbus
  • Survey Member Drawsen
  • Survey Member Galburf
  • Survey Member Quartino
  • Survey Member Margrass
  • Survey Member Tosburn
  • Survey Member Vaskoich

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Caches Edit

Name Key Drops Location and Notes
Moon Chest Moon Crest Key Core Area, Upper Level - G5 (Top-Left)
Mob Chest
None Reservoir Mobs Drop
(Blood Sucker, Green Slime, ...)
Dungeon Chest
Reservoir Area

Reservoir Area Random Spawn

  • First room to the right in the corridor leading to ticket machines (I-6)
  • I-9/J-9 : next to 2 barrels
  • E-3 : behind slimes
  • G-4 : west wall
Mob Chest
Core Area
None Core Area Mobs Drop
(War Buffalo, ...)
Dungeon Chest
Core Area

Core Area Random Spawn
Lower Level - F6 (Bottom-Center)

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Creatures Edit

Name EXP Mob Type Special Attack Item Drop Locations / Remarks
Beast of Revenge
Assault Bull
3128 Boss


Hold Aloft Core Area 3rd Final Battle

Beast of Hades

1932 Boss


Hold Aloft Core Area 3rd Final Battle
Black Carpet 426 Slime Sludge Stamp
Blood Sucker 291 Fly
  • Fast Attack
  • Circle Dodging
Bride 293 Boss


Reservoir 2nd Final Battle
Creeping Coin 301 Coin
Element X 2776 Boss


Stamp sludge Reservoir 4th Final Battle
Fake Aria Tsitsi Fly 944 Rare Creature


  • E4
  • Core Area - Lower Level F7
  • Core Area - Lower Level H3
  • Rare Creature
King of the Unclean
Filthy Noblemen
2,133 Boss


Slam Reservoir 1st Final Battle
Filthy Vallet 339 Boss


Reservoir 1st Final Battle
God of Stinkbugs
Aria Tsitsi Fly
1892 Unique Creature


  • Unique Creature
Green Slime 401 Slime Stamp sludge
(For 2 seconds, can not move and eat. Attacks ambient)
Huge Spider 455 Spider Spider Web
(15 seconds, decreases movement speed and eat)

Core Area

  • F7
  • F6
  • G5
  • G6
Jewel Knight 1029 Boss


Core Area 1st Final Battle
Killer Coin 442 Coin
Knight 412 Boss

Living Statue

Reservoir 3rd Final Battle
Pursuer of Advance
2144 Unique Creature


Gangster Kick
  • Poison Resist
  • Unique Creature
Millionaire 1946 Boss


Reservoir 2nd Final Battle
Poison Mist 421 Mist Release Gas
Poison Toad 430 Frog Poison Tongue

Core area

  • G7
  • H6 (upper, middle and lower area)
Prowler 1


Petrification attack
Shadow Dancer 313 Boss


Glow Hand
Core Areal 2nd Final Battle -4000HP
Sticking Smoke 425 Boss Creature


Release Gas
Reservoir 4th Final Battle
Thief II Zerudo 13 745 Rare Creature


Throwing Knife
  • Adventurer's Bag [Small]
  • Camp
Rare Creature
Zeld the 13th
633 Rare Creature


Get Paralyzed! Rare Creature
Reservoir map:
  • I-6 (First room or second room)
  • C-9/C-10
Venom Beetle 275 Beetle 2,000 HP
War Buffalo 814 Minotaur

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